Cap Com Federal Credit Union partners with Best Innovation Group to transform its digital offerings

TAMPA, FL (October 12, 2016)Cap Com Federal Credit Union (Cap Com) has selected FinTech leader Best Innovation Group (BIG) to define a digital vision and roadmap to align with its business strategy and allow it to engage members through new channels.

BIG’s Digital Strategy Analysis service will provide Cap Com with an in-depth review of its current web offerings, mobile apps, people, processes, technology, and culture so the credit union can work with BIG to create a Digital Strategy Plan and Digital Roadmap to maximize its digital communications and offerings.

BIG created its Digital Strategy Analysis service to help credit unions improve their digital footprints and increase member digital engagement through an analysis that includes current digital offerings, corporate strategy review, organizational and technological capabilities assessments, employee interviews, and member assessments. Results of the Digital Analysis include the delivery of assessments, recommendations, and strategies that credit unions can implement to enhance their digital footprint.

About Cap Com Federal Credit Union

Cap Com is a member-owned financial institution based in the New York’s Capital Region. It is a member-driven credit union with a focus on superior service, convenient products and competitive rates that help you save money and make your life just a little easier. And, we offer all the products and services you’d find at a typical financial institution.

About Best Innovation Group, Inc.

Best Innovation Group, Inc. (BIG) is a technology innovation and development company that caters to the financial industry. Best Innovation Group designs technology solutions to fit the needs of credit unions, and leverages the size and scale of its clients to create relationships with entities that would not otherwise engage in the credit union market. BIG also provides provide research and development for its clients in the form of prototypes and written research. For more information, please visit


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