Card Analysis Solutions Hosting Summer Session: “School of Credit Card Program Management”

Ondine Irving
Card Analysis Solutions

Chicago, IL., March 22, 2012 – Card Analysis Solutions, an independent provider of credit card operational and strategic guidance for credit union credit card programs, has announced another “School of Credit Card Program Management” to be held in St. Pete Beach, Florida, June 6-8, 2012 hosted and taught by noted industry consultant, Ondine Irving, founder of Card Analysis Solutions and www.CreditCardConnection.ORG.

“My approach has always been one of teaching and educating Credit Card Program Management from a completely independent perspective- a complete 360 degree education from lending to collections and everything in between. One of my most instrumental sessions is showing credit unions where and how to reduce processing expenses. If Credit Unions can reduce processing expenses, the member ultimately benefits as the savings can be reflected in the product offerings. Another popular eye-opening session is teaching the secrets of real portfolio analysis- and how not to be bluffed- so real marketing results can occur.” Attendees will leave with a “to do” list of items for improving their own card program including identification of cost savings which can be shared with their respective credit card processors. Past attendees have included credit unions from $50 million up to $8 billion in assets. More and more credit unions re-entering the credit card market have been in attendance.

Irving has been conducting these sessions since 2007 across the country. “This class is beneficial for all card issuing credit union and also ideal for those credit unions re-entering the credit card market. It is an opportunity for live discussion with peers, processors and all staff levels. It is also a good opportunity to hear unfiltered information regarding experiences with other card processors.”

Executives from The Members Group, PSCU, Co-Op Financial Service, Geezeo, Lending Solutions, Policy Works, YourMarketingCO, CU Swag, among others, will join Irving in leading sessions at the school, the firm said.

Card Analysis Solutions is entering its eighth year working as an advocate for credit unions in card program management. The company’s mission is to impart knowledge in an unbiased and independent manner to credit unions specifically in the area of card program management and managing program expenses. For further information on Card Analysis Solutions and the School of Credit Card Program Management, please visit the company’s web site at

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