Card Knowledge Factory™ Expanded By R.K. Hammer

 Thousand Oaks, CA based card industry experts, R.K. Hammer, have upgraded their growing menu of card research and analysis reports, and have now made them available in several foreign languages.  Twenty-five of their top requested data metrics and analysis reports at their Card Knowledge Factory™ are now also available in:

Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Brazil Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese

Company Founder and CEO Bob Hammer noted, “For over two decades R.K. Hammer team members have travelled throughout the globe on assignments with financial institution enterprise clients in important regions.  Often it takes years to establish rapport with these growing card companies, and our experience has taught us that it is essential to take sufficient time and effort to earn that trust, daily.”

“For some time now many card issuers in these regions have inquired about making R.K. Hammer research and analysis reports available in their own language, a sentiment we can now satisfy.”

The 2012 Edition of the Card Knowledge Factory™ offering will be released 1/2/12, for card enterprises in Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Middle East/Africa, Europe, and North America, where R.K. Hammer credit card engagements and research have been well received for over twenty years running.  Twenty-five insightful reports and critical card metrics cover dozens of issuer subjects in the following broad areas:

  • Card Portfolio Profitability & Credit Risk Mitigation
  • Partnership Marketing & Agent Card Programs
  • Card Portfolio Valuation and Acquisition/Divestiture Methodologies
  • Card Portfolio Purchase Due Diligence Techniques
  • Branch Card Sales Programs, Incentives and Training
  • Migrating Private Label Programs to More Profitable National Brand
  • Partner Negotiation Techniques and Vendor Selection Tools

For an advance look at the specific reports/research available from the 2012 Edition including content description, E-mail your request to R.K. Hammer for a Card Knowledge Factory™ report catalog.

Hammer concludes, “Our credit card enterprise clients tell us that the most important commodity in this business today is information, and we agree with that well thought assertion.  Our purpose remains to present the most timely, most actionable, most efficient specialized data and research that card executives can find and learn from, to profitably apply to their changing business models.”   International parties interested in these special research reports printed in foreign languages are invited to e-mail R.K. Hammer for a price quote, go to:  (805) 444-5725.


Formed in 1990 by card veteran Bob Hammer, R.K. Hammer has become a premier provider of card consulting services to leading card issuers worldwide; supplying expert witness services for issuers in litigation, portfolio valuation and sales, best practices on-site consulting, interim portfolio management, and research and analysis reports (also now known as the Card Knowledge Factory™).  Hammer’s year-end industry profitability and risk models have been used by many government agencies and Congress, institutional and private equity investors, and top issuers in the U.S. and abroad.  R.K. Hammer projects have produced pre-tax profits to those enterprises of over $680,000,000.   

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