Cardwell Provides Updates to COL IQ for Enhanced Information Access

Mike Lawson
DML Communications

Cleveland, OHIO — November 5, 2010 — Cardwell, a strategy execution consultant and software developer of Connections Online software (COL), announces updates to its Connections Online IQ (COL IQ) service, an online library and user community to feature ready-made reports and templates to streamline and simplify the use of COL throughout all departments. COL clients can subscribe to the IQ service, gaining access to all the reports and templates. These updates will make information readily accessible and easier to obtain for staff to enhance communication and productivity.

The following updates will be available December 1, 2010:

 MS Project Connector

This update allows a Project Manager to install the MS Project connector.  The Project Manager then creates a particular project in MS Project and sync the project with a COL. 

Project team members can then use the COL interface to update the project tasks.  The Project Manager then pulls the project from COL into their MS Project file and updates their input using MS Project, then re-syncs, and all updates will be reflected in both “directions” – from MS Project and also from COL.

 Roll-up and link metrics

With this update, your VP Branch Operations on the branch operations department page, for example, could have a parent metric – called “total loan metrics”.  Then subordinate to all loan metrics, the VP could “link” the loan metrics from the first branch with total loan metrics, then link second branch loan metrics, etc. – and add those together on the branch operations department page to be the sum for “total loan metrics”.

This linking function allows the owner of the first branch loan metric to change the metric on their department page in COL and it will automatically show the change on the VP Branch Operation’s page. The “total loan metrics” sum will also change with the subordinate metrics changes.  The VP can also link to the other metrics without doing a calculation.  Users could do the same thing on COL’s Organization page.

“We’re always striving to make our product better to help our clients become even more efficient and productive,” states Jim Cardwell, CEO of Cardwell.  “These updates to our COL IQ service allow our clients’ employees to communicate more effectively so everybody remains aligned to achieve set goals. Once these goals are achieved on a regular basis, organizations transform from average to high performance companies – which equals success for everybody. We believe these important updates will play a part in helping attain these objectives.”


About Cardwell and Connections Online

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Cardwell is a software development and management-consulting firm that helps clients succeed by improving organization-wide alignment and cross-functional collaboration through its Connections Online strategy execution tool. Jim Cardwell and Karla Norwood, the firm’s current CEO and President, founded Cardwell in 1983 as a leadership development and management process consulting firm.

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