cbanc Network Reaches 10,000 Users Milestone

Mike Lawson
DML Communications

– May 14, 2012 – From 80 to 10,000 users in three years. That’s how fast cbanc Network, the revolutionary collaboration community of 4,400 bank and credit unions, has grown since its inception. cbanc surpassed 10,000 FI member users last week and continues to add about 30 new members per day. It only had 80 members its first year. To date, the network has users from 52% of U.S. banks and 15% of U.S. credit unions.

Other user metrics include:

  • 80% of site traffic in 2012 is from repeat users (meaning people are coming back not just signing in once and leaving)
  • 70% of users logged in at least once during the first quarter of 2012
  • users spend an average of nine minutes per session
  • users view an average of nine pages per session
  • 14,250 content items traded
  • 3,500 vendor reviews

“Getting 10,000 users means both banking and credit union professionals can find peer content solutions to just about any problem they post to the network,” states cbanc President Myers Dupuy. “Our goal is to get every bank and credit union professional in the industry collaborating with each other to solve any issue that arises.”
According to Dupuy, about 90% of cbanc’s growth has occurred since December 2010, which can be attributed to Google picking up the useful content that cbanc members provide on a daily basis – as well as to member referrals. He adds that cbanc is very appreciative of the first 500 members, who really bought into the platform. Their participation is what allowed Google to pick up cbanc as an information resource.
cbanc users contribute all content posted on the network, providing items for every job function at a bank or credit union trading. So everything users look at or download is something that can have a direct impact on their job. Posted content is grouped into these categories:

  • trading actual documents (policies, agreements, best practices, etc.)
  • asking/answering questions
  • exam trendscandid vendor reviews
  • surveys
  • peer trends

Dupuy sees two reasons why cbanc has grown so fast: First, it doesn’t hurt that it’s free to use. Second, cbanc does not waste users’ time.

“Users know they can come here and get actual information they can apply to their jobs,” he says. “Most social/collaboration sites have a problem of everyone wanting content but no one being motivated to share. We have turned this problem on its head by giving everyone the right incentives to share their best work. This is not a forum; it’s a virtual market place of financial intelligence.”
Dupuy adds that cbanc is currently working on different user programs to dramatically drive up its membership numbers.

About cbanc Network

Based in Austin, TX, cbanc Network is a free and secure online network for banking and credit union professionals, where the information and intelligence individuals contribute pays them back. cbanc’s network contains the largest online repository of banker-authored, board-approved, exam-tested content anywhere. To date, nearly 4,400 financial institutions (10,000 users) share and exchange financial-focused best practices to make their professional lives easier and enhance the performance of their organizations. For more information on cbanc, visit

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