CCCU hits record number of members in its 65+ year history

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 26, 2017) — Clark County Credit Union’s member base rose this summer as quickly as the Las Vegas temperatures, hitting a record high of just over 40,000 members and 50,000 accounts. This is the most accounts CCCU has ever had in its 66 years of operation.

CCCU attributes much of this growth to a robust marketing campaign that introduced many new Clark County residents to the benefits of working with the credit union and a steadily strengthening economy.

“The public is responding well to our advertising messages and the public has found out about our ‘secret society’ of personal service and financial benefits,” said Mark Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer for CCCU. “We are averaging more than 350 net new accounts per month. Our branches and phone center are very busy!”

Andrews also contributes the growth to CCCU’s new SBA lending opportunities, a relatively new service offering for the credit union. “Business owners convert their accounts to CCCU because they’re able to get full support for business banking and commercial lending, while also enjoying the benefits of member/owner status, including the annual bonus dividend,” said Andrews.

CCCU was recently listed in the SBA’s annual lending report as one of the top 10 SBA lending financial institutions in Nevada.

All members who hold accounts are eligible for the annual bonus dividend program, including the SBA lending and business accounts.  A calculator is available at to estimate the potential dividend payout based on the amount of lending or deposits in CCCU accounts.

Another way CCCU has grown accounts is through its Members Auto program, a CCCU-owned auto dealership and brokerage that not only helps find the car but handles the lending for the member as well.  “We help taking the hassle out of buying a car,” said Andrews. “We have had members buy a new car on their commute home from work – it can be that easy. It’s fast, convenient and more and more people are taking advantage of this service.”

About Clark County Credit Union

Founded in 1951, CCCU is a not-for-profit financial institution serving over 52,000 members who are municipal employees (Clark County, City of Henderson, City of Las Vegas, and City of North Las Vegas), medical professionals, members of Nevada Public Radio (KNPR) and numerous select employer groups. CCCU has assets of $1.1 billion and six branches throughout Southern Nevada and has given back more than $73 million in Bonus Dividends since 2001. More information about CCCU can be found online at


Shannon Hiller

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