City of Boston CU sectects ProfitMagnifier as their Profitablity Software

Bill Drevant
847 838-2023

Changes in regulatory and the completion environment have increased the need of all banks to maximize profitability. A bank cannot accomplish this without knowing what and who contribute most to this profitability. ProfitMagnifier (PM)is a method to accomplish this. PM will show a bank ways to enhance current offerings and marketing campaigns to reduce the odds of the best customers from switching bank’s (KYC-Know your customers).” Bill Drevant, Senior Executive Vice President, The BANCServices Group, Inc., Antioch, IL.
The City of Boston CU just selected ProfitMagnifier as their profitability software. “ProfitMagnifier is all about helping us build better relationships with our account holders,” states David Cox, VP Finance. “The Profit Guys at Profit Resources make it really easy for us to work with them. In fact, we see Profit

Resources as far more than just a vendor. We see Profit Resources as a partner who is truly interested in and is actively contributing to our long-term success.”

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