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Solution for Credit Unions Provides Cost Savings, Customization and Operational Efficiencies

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (September 7, 2010) – CO-OP Financial Services, an industry leader in debit card transaction processing, is entering the credit card arena with CO-OP Credit Pass-Through Processing, available for implementation by credit unions in January 2011.

“Credit unions are serious about finding ways to continue providing outstanding, customized service to their members while reducing their operating expenses,” said Stan Hollen, President/CEO, CO-OP Financial Services. “We’re equally serious about helping them accomplish this. By adding credit card processing to our business lines – tailored exclusively for credit unions – we become a single point of contact for debit and credit processing, surcharge-free ATM network and shared branching.”

Pass-through credit processing, also known as internal credit processing, allows credit unions to maintain a high level of control and customization in servicing their clients, while implementing a less expensive processing solution than a fully outsourced processing solution.

Using CO-OP Credit Pass-Through Processing, the credit union carries credit card loan receivables and handle’s back room services, such as cardholder member servicing, statement generation, payment processing and collections. As the processor, CO-OP Financial Services will provide the switch between the credit unions and MasterCard and Visa networks, exception processing services (disputes, retrievals, chargebacks) and authorization, scoring and fraud detection with 24/7 case management.

CO-OP Financial Services will provide the credit unions with MasterCard and/or Visa sponsorship and will secure Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) as required. BINs acquired on behalf of the credit unions will be defined for exclusive use by a single credit union.

As CO-OP Financial Services will process credit transactions through the same switch as the company uses for debit transactions, the CO-OP Credit Pass-Through Processing solution provides maximum operational efficiency for its client credit unions. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings: Lower processing expenses for credit unions are realized through volume and/or relationship pricing discounts with CO-OP Financial Services.
  • Simplicity: Single source provider for debit, credit and ATM processing services. This ensures operational efficiencies, resulting in lower credit union expenses through delivery of single back office processes for debit and credit.
  • Credit union-centric solution: CO-OP Financial Services is a credit union-owned cooperative dedicated to meeting the needs of credit unions only and providing them with operational effectiveness, lower costs and high level of service.
  • Credit and debit processing will be delivered over a single communication link, lowering communications expense.
  • Consolidated, single reporting platform offers credit unions access to member information across all accounts, with the ability to produce statements for an at-a-glance, 360 degree view of the member relationship.
  • Better member service as credit unions can provide customized offerings to members and faster, more complete answers to member account inquiries.
  • Single point of client contact for both debit and credit through their CO-OP National Relationship Manager.

CO-OP Credit Pass-Through Processing is the first of two major credit card processing services CO-OP Financial Services will be making available to credit unions in 2011. General availability of CO-OP Credit Full-Service Processing is also planned for next year.

For more information of CO-OP Credit Pass-Through Processing, contact the Business Development Department of CO-OP Financial Services at 800-782-9042, ext. 7140, or via e-mail at:


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