Community defense platform option announced for FS-ISAC members

Affordable cyber defense solution opens participation in financial services ISAC to small and mid-size businesses.

TAMPA, FL (October 10, 2017) — The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) is now working with Perch Security as an affordable and manageable way for its members to connect and use their valuable threat intelligence.

Perch connects FS-ISAC members with FS-ISAC threat intelligence so that they can fully interact with it; all without costly equipment or additional analyst hours to manage it. This is the first solution that provides actionable and effective threat intelligence to smaller financial organizations with limited budgets – making ISAC membership more attractive to a very large pool of businesses. “We also believe the increased participation in FS-ISAC will benefit the entire membership base, offering a larger view of threat activity across the industry,” added Aharon Chernin, CEO and founder of Perch.

“FS-ISAC is committed to sharing information and analysis with our members to stay ahead of cybercrime,” said Greg Temm, chief information risk officer for FS-ISAC. “Having a whole intelligence team working behind the scenes to deliver alerts tailored to a specific financial institution and providing actionable intelligence like concrete steps to remedy an incident allows a company to act quickly to protect their business and customers. We look forward to working with Perch to continue to achieve these objectives.”

Barely a year old, Perch already has a reputation for converting the dubious into evangelists, sensing customer needs and exceeding expectations. Michael Cole, CISO of First Financial Bank, a $6.53 billion dollar bank headquartered in Abilene, TX, has been using Perch for 8 months. “Aharon and his team actively communicate with their users,” said Cole. “We can trust that Perch’s Security Operations will contact us right away if a true positive alert is detected on our networks; but Perch also provides what we need to get in and triage the alerts ourselves if we choose.”

“We provide a product that fills a very real need, with a strong commitment to personal service. Our goal is to connect users with their best source of intelligence in a straightforward and affordable way, and really take some of the load off our CISOs and CIOs,” said Aharon Chernin, Perch CEO.

About Perch Security

Perch Security is the first Community Defense Platform. Perch provides everything needed to mount a cyber defense with curated community intelligence and participate with the sharing community – all without a SIEM, a TIP, or increasing staff. Perch is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Learn more at


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