Community Star Credit Union secures ‘best all around’ mobile solution

Chooses CU Mobile Apps as crucial solution to attract new members

NAPERVILLE, IL (November 30, 2015) — For many credit unions, reaching Millennials is viewed as absolutely essential to a thriving future.

Millennials are more likely than other age groups to use digital channels for conducting common banking activities1. In fact, according to Options and Opportunities: Forging Lasting Banking Relationships with Millennials, a February 2015 report by the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), 80 percent of this coveted demographic verify their account balances online. With so much new technology vying for their attention, how can credit unions make sure they are effectively attracting this highly sought-after audience?

Community Star Credit Union is confident it has found the answer to bridging the gap between traditional banking services and satisfying the demands of this on-the-go, digital generation. After an exhaustive search, the credit union has signed on with CU Mobile Apps to fulfill their vision of offering an effective, single mobile service delivery solution.

“We chose CU Mobile Apps because it offers the most complete, integrated, flexible and secure app with the best back-office functionality of all the providers we considered,” said Dave Jezewski, Director of Business Development for the $62 million, 9,500 member credit union in Elyria, Ohio.

Citing it was “the best, all-around product that fit all of our needs,” Jezewski says the customizable features and functionality offered by CU Mobile Apps were key factors in the decision-making process. He listed several features that were “must-haves” including Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Pocket2Pocket integration, ease of use, access to app features for non-members and the ability for the staff to manage the app’s content. For Community Star Credit Union, CU Mobile Apps delivered on all fronts.

“We consider the app to be more of an online branch than a mobile app. Non-members can look at our promotional offerings without having to sign in to online banking first,” Jezewski explained. “We predict CU Mobile Apps will help drive membership by offering the ability to become a member remotely.”

A powerful mobile platform provided by LSC®, CU Mobile Apps is cost-effective for credit unions of all sizes, provides members with an outstanding user experience, and credit unions with the full customization they require. With integration to all the major mobile devices, members can view account activity, special offers and promotions, and request loan information. Add in the ability to make deposits via RDC, and CU Mobile Apps truly puts a branch in every member’s hand.

“Reaching millennials is all about meeting them where they are in life,” said Paul Matejak, LSC Executive Account Manager, Mobile Products. “Credit unions by their very nature have the significant advantage of being able to personally connect with this desired generation of members. With the right mobile app, your credit union is always just a tap away.”

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