Press launches the developer platform: Open access to the financial industry’s most comprehensive collection of regulatory Information

Developers can now add highly curated regulatory content and insights to their apps and websites. Highlights include real-time, topic based search, insightful trend analysis and notifications within the financial regulatory landscape.

AI SUMMIT — announces the availability of its Developer Platform, allowing financial institutions, financial application developers and businesses to seamlessly access highly curated financial regulations information within their existing apps, a first time in the RegTech industry.

The API automatically aggregates data from: Federal & State agencies, enforcements, regulatory publications from press and independent agencies, white papers, millions of existing and new rules, executive orders, and notices.

The Developer Platform allows application developers to quickly get started by providing sample code, sample applications, documentation and support. Developers can build products that integrate a robust stream of financial regulatory content into their application or select a customized filter to receive specific content from selected agencies and sources. After registering on the Developer Platform, developers gain instant access to a library of information and tools to get started.

“We are excited to offer an API that provides real time regulatory data and insights for financial and legal applications,” says Kayvan Alikhani, co-founder and CEO of “With the Pro edition, we significantly reduced the amount of time compliance professionals spend chasing regulatory changes; and now with the developer platform, we’re opening up our AI curated regulatory financial content, and making it accessible from within any application.” is continuously augmenting its unique Expert In the Loop (EITL) curation process and most recently added Chris Callison Burch, Associate Professor in the Computer and Information Science Department at the University of Pennsylvania to its advisory board.

With the integration of’s data, developers can build new applications, features, and feed information into existing GRC & IRM platforms, FinTech applications, content management systems and more. The API provides curated access to normalized financial regulatory documents and news, streamlined search tools, and easy integration.

For more information on’s API, you can see them at the AI Summit in San Francisco on September 27thand 28th or visit


Founded in 2014, focuses on distilling regulatory content into tangible, actionable intelligence. The company is led by technology veterans, with a mission to empower professionals with the best regulatory and compliance change management platform. is a leading innovator in RegTech, leveraging artificial intelligence and expert in the loop curation to bring the most comprehensive regulatory content to professionals and businesses. You can find out more, by visiting


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