Cooperative merger results in new credit union presence at Indiana Statehouse

Elements Financial and State Service Credit Union are moving forward together

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (November 5, 2015) — Elements Financial is pleased to announce that the members of State Service Credit Union, with a branch inside the Indiana Government Center, approved merging into Elements Financial Federal Credit Union on Monday, November 2. Over the next month, the credit unions – collectively representing 156 years in business –will be working together to transition all existing State Service members to Elements.

The merger will become complete by Saturday, December 5. The dedicated Member Service team at Elements will provide support and guidance to existing State Service Credit Union members throughout the conversion process. The plans will minimize impact to their daily banking and busy lives. Beyond the existing 1,200 members involved, all 30,000 State of Indiana employees are now eligible for Elements Financial membership.

“This growth allows Elements to provide the outstanding value we’re known for to a brand-new population,” said Lisa Schlehuber, CEO of Elements Financial. “Expansion also leads to investments in new products and services, continued competitive pricing, and development of our digital services,” said Lisa Schlehuber, CEO of Elements Financial.

State Service Credit Union has served the employees of the State of Indiana and other select employee groups since 1944. Elements Financial, previously known as Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union, has served the employees of Eli Lilly and Company since 1930 and has expanded in recent years to more than 70 employers in Indiana and beyond.

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About Elements Financial

Elements Financial is a diversified federal credit union with assets of more than $1.5 billion and 100,000+ members in all 50 states and 50 countries. As a financial wellness provider, Elements serves individuals through our original sponsor Eli Lilly and Company and more than 140 companies across Indiana and nationally. Beyond six Elements branches in Central Indiana, we provide access to more than 5,000 shared branch locations nationally and 78,000 surcharge-free ATMs globally. Elements is known for member value, offering higher deposit rates, lower loan rates, and fewer fees than local competitors.


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