Corelation signs 5 more credit unions to implement KeyStone

SAN DIEGO, CA (September 12, 2017) — Credit union core processing vendor, Corelation, Inc., has experienced another busy few months, signing five more credit union clients to implement its KeyStone core processing system. Corelation’s newest clients include:

AEA Federal Credit Union ($252 million; 31,277 members; Yuma, AZ)

  1. Centris Federal Credit Union ($681 million; 95,575 members; Omaha, NE)
  2. Marshland Credit Union ($141 million; 13,275 members; Brunswick, GA)
  3. Del Norte Credit Union ($577 million; 46,719 members; Santa Fe, NM)
  4. SIU Credit Union ($342 million; 40,543 members; Carbondale, IL)

According to Centris Federal Credit Union President & CEO Steve Swanstrom, the current core system wasn’t keeping pace with the growth of his credit union – which created process inefficiencies that positioned Centris at a competitive disadvantage.

Centris chose Corelation because of its best-of-breed architecture and its laser focus on delivering the best core system in the credit union industry.  “It was refreshing to find a technology partner who is interested in aligning with our business strategy and actively working to help us achieve our strategic goals,” Swanstrom says. “Others will say they are your partner, but Corelation truly puts their clients’ needs first, everyday.”

Swanstrom and his team are excited about the streamlined processes KeyStone will deliver to help save Centris members time and money.  “With the reduced time it will take to open an account or originate a loan, it will allow us to serve more members with our existing infrastructure,” he adds.

For SIU Credit Union, signing with Corelation will remedy its training issues with its current core. According to SIUCU President/CEO Mike Lantrip, training new employees has become time consuming and costly getting them up to speed. With Corelation’s KeyStone, the software’s intuitive interface will reduce training time tremendously.

SIUCU looked at the three top core providers and had a team of 25 employees that came from every functional area to review all three systems. After the review, the team had 100% buy in on KeyStone from all 25 employees. “I think having 25 people come to the same conclusion speaks for itself,” concludes Lantrip.

“I think Keystone is a game changer for us,” he adds. “This software is so intuitive; it will make everything we do more efficient. The efficiencies will allow us to actually serve our members and not just get them in and out the doors.”

According to SIUCU Vice President of Information Technology Brian Maurizio, converting to KeyStone equals more face time with its members. Keystone will provide a speedy transaction and allow more social time with members, enhancing their user experience.

Maurizio also believes KeyStone will prompt more members to use their mobile channel. Additionally, he sees reduced staff turnover because the Keystone technology is so user friendly, providing an exponentially easier learning curve.

“We feel the member-centric configuration will help with direct marketing to our members, as well,” Maurizio says. “Our goal at SIUCU is to make doing business with us easy and fast. I believe Corelation is the key to that success.”

According to Del Norte Credit Union CEO Chuck Valenti, Corelation’s KeyStone product has an innovative structure and functionality that will help Del Norte’s staff serve members more easily and more efficiently. KeyStone’s user interface is also very intuitive and in line with modern standards. As a result, the credit union expects to reduce training time and the overall migration effort.

“This system will also enhance our automation capabilities and allow us to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete tasks on the system, so that our staff can spend more time interacting with members,” Valenti says. “Additionally, KeyStone’s connectivity to outside systems is superior to our existing system, as KeyBridge [the API system] is very flexible and allows for many different systems to connect to it.”

Del Norte VP Information Systems Chris McGee adds that ultimately Corelation’s KeyStone application had the most comprehensive and common sense approach to what the credit union wants to achieve for its members.

“Our goal using Keystone is to develop a world-class system that can grow with the credit union for years to come,” McGee says. “We are excited to have a platform that will allow us to be creative with how we do business. We look forward to this exciting new tool helping us achieve our vision and goals of providing the best service to our members and improving lives every day.”

“Our recent client signings continues to prove credit unions are looking for refreshing, forward-thinking technology that will help better serve their members today and well into the future,” says Corelation President/CEO Theresa Benavidez.

About Corelation Inc.

Based in San Diego, CA, Corelation is the innovative core processor for today’s credit union. This solution is a person-centric system that empowers credit unions to offer the best member service possible, enhancing their value for member attraction and retention. In terms of industry experience, Corelation’s staff has dedicated their careers to creating core systems and providing unparalleled client service. For more information, visit


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