Cornerstone Credit Union League welcomes Ninth Credit Union Affiliation in 2015

PLANO, TX (August 24, 2015) — The Cornerstone Credit Union League welcomed Gilt Edge Employees FCU–a Norman, Okla., based credit union with nearly $2 million in assets–to its membership on Aug. 18, bringing the total new credit union affiliations with Cornerstone during 2015 to nine.

“As a small credit union, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep up with the growing regulatory burdens,” explains Gilt Edge Employees FCU CEO Twila Rogers. “The Cornerstone Credit Union League has the resources we need to help us stay on top of these compliance challenges.”

“I am very pleased that Gilt Edge Employees FCU has elected to join Cornerstone,” says Mike Delker, Cornerstone’s senior vice president of credit union relations. “The number of new affiliations or re-affiliations in 2015 is a reflection of the commitment made by Cornerstone to provide a thorough and comprehensive suite of services to the credit unions we serve.

“As Cornerstone staff, we work diligently each day to ensure the current and future success of credit unions, working to meet the many and varied needs of the credit unions in the Cornerstone region, and I think these efforts resonate with the credit unions,” continues Delker.

“Our commitment to serve Cornerstone credit unions and the credit union system is unwavering, whether the service and support is delivered by staff in the field working with the credit unions or the staff in one of our five offices in Arkansas, Oklahoma, or Texas. I think the number of new members this year, coupled with our latest net promoter score of 75, tells us we are on the right track, and we will continue to work hard to ensure Cornerstone remains the type of league that is a valued and essential partner for credit union success.”

New Cornerstone members in 2015:

  • BPS FCU, a $4.2 million credit union based in Beeville, Texas
  • City FCU, a $30 million credit union based in Amarillo
  • Firstmark CU, $905 million credit union based in San Antonio
  • Gilt Edge Employees FCU, $1.7 million credit union located in Norman, Okla.
  • Government Employees FCU, $132 million credit union based in Austin
  • JSC FCU, $1.8 billion credit union based in Houston
  • My Choice FCU, a $1.9 million credit union based in Tulsa
  • Teachers FCU, $6.8 million credit union based in Oklahoma City
  • U.P. Employees FCU, $4.3 million credit union based in North Little Rock

About Cornerstone League

About Cornerstone League Cornerstone League is a regional credit union trade association serving more than 450 credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Cornerstone exists to advance the success of credit unions in the region through legislative and grassroots advocacy; regulatory and compliance support; training, educational, and networking opportunities; essential communications related to news and information affecting the credit union industry; and other products and services that establish Cornerstone as the essential partner for credit unions. For more information, visit


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