Corporate One partners with Gro Solutions to expand credit unions’ digital platforms

COLUMBUS, OH (November 2, 2015) — Corporate One Federal Credit Union announced today it has partnered with Gro Solutions, a leading provider of digital growth solutions for banks and credit unions, to offer Gro Solutions’ innovative suite of digital onboarding solutions. Gro Solutions provides the only complete multi-channel account origination platform designed to support a consistent user experience through a desktop, in-branch, or mobile device, and leverages unique technology to streamline the integration of application data during the account opening process and dramatically reduce application abandonment rates.  

“Corporate One continuously looks for ways to provide value to our members, and when it comes to the digital banking space that value will come from us identifying strategic solutions, like Gro Solutions’ account opening platform, that set-up credit unions to holistically serve members with ease in the digital age,” said Lee Butke, Corporate One president and CEO. “I believe Gro Solutions is not simply innovative but revolutionary in their approach and operations. As the pendulum swings ever more toward digital banking, our partnership with Gro Solutions will help our members become and remain more competitive in the digital banking arena and improve membership growth and retention.” 

Launched in July 2015, Gro Solutions’ approach uses all of the capabilities of the mobile device, such as GPS, imaging, wireless carrier data, email address parsing and other features to limit manual text and make the onboarding process as easy as possible. Whether online, on the go, or at the branch, financial institutions can open and fund new accounts in less than four minutes. Gro Solutions recently presented at Fall Finovate in New York, and is already receiving accolades, recently being named a “Company to Watch” as part of the 2015 FinTech Forward rankings by American Banker and BAI at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference.  

“Based on extensive evaluation of industry offerings, we believe Gro Account Opening is the best solution to address credit unions’ current and future digital/mobile strategies and concerns,” said SVP, Chief Product Management Officer Keith Riddle. “With Gro Solutions as a digital partner, we believe our members will win new customers and gain a larger share of wallet. Credit unions can capitalize on the lack of a comprehensive mobile-centric account opening platform within the financial services market to capture a portion of the $1.8 trillion of bank assets that switch annually.” 

Corporate One will be reviewing the digital account opening platform with interested credit unions throughout the remainder of 2015 and implementing the platform for credit unions in 2016. Corporate One will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. ET to review the new mobile account opening platform and outline steps for successful Member Acquisition Strategies. In the meantime, credit unions can learn more about the digital account opening platform by contacting Keith Riddle, SVP and Chief Product Management Officer at

About Corporate One

Corporate One Federal Credit Union is one of the nation’s largest and most progressive corporate credit unions with more than $5.5 billion in assets under management, serving nearly 900 credit unions nationwide. Corporate One offers credit unions a full menu of payments, investments and funding services to help credit unions grow their bottom lines, the foundation of which is The One Account, an integrated cash management solution. Additionally, Corporate One founded and manages Clique, the only debit and credit card services program tailored to the unique needs of small to mid-sized credit unions. Corporate One also created SimpliCD, the brokered certificate of deposit program used by a majority of credit unions nationwide, and Alliance One (, one of the nation’s largest non-network-specific ATM selective-surcharging groups. For more information on Corporate One, please visit

About Gro Solutions 
Founded in 2015, Gro Solutions provides digital growth solutions for banks and credit unions. Through a fresh direction and a technology strategy that embraces mobile capabilities instead of begrudgingly accommodating them, Gro Account Opening helps financial institutions present a mobile front door that meets and exceeds the mobile expectations of the new customer. Gro Solutions is a subsidiary of Mobile Strategy Partners (MSP), which provides strategic and technical advisory services to the financial industry. For more information, visit, or follow the company on Twitter, @GroBanking.


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