Credit union employee realizes her dream as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (August 9, 2016) — Passion exudes from Anna Payne as she recounts her experience as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Payne, a 29 year-old resident of Levittown and Bernie Sanders supporter, worked hard to ensure she represented the 8th Congressional Pennsylvania District.

To become a delegate the process requires the applicant to obtain at least 250 signatures from local Democrats in the district represented, submit a political resume, and showcase examples of volunteerism.

Payne was up for the challenge. She faces challenges every day as she battles cystic fibrosis (CF) and is no stranger when it comes to fighting for what she believes in. As an advocate for cystic fibrosis research, she has spoken to Senator Casey’s legislative aides and other politicians to ask for support for increased medical research for patients struggling with cystic fibrosis. Her mission is to educate policy makers about the needs of people with CF so that they make smart decisions about CF-related research, treatment, and access to patient care.

With her name on the ballot during the primary election, Payne received 31,121 votes, making her the female with the highest number of votes for the Bernie Sanders delegation.

Determined to be a delegate, Payne planned her vacation the week of the Democratic National Convention. Payne works full-time at TruMark Financial® Credit Union in Fort Washington settling credit card disputes. Her co-workers applauded her passion and commented once Payne sets her mind to something, she follows through to completion.

Although she knew Sanders wasn’t going to win the party’s nomination, she believes in the issues he supports. Sanders’ platform for a single-payer national health care system was of particular interest to Payne because of her chronic medical condition. “Sanders is a man of his word, has integrity, and isn’t afraid to stand alone,” said Payne.

Payne believes Sanders made an impact at the Democratic National Convention with his progressive platform and helped to unite Democrats and move them in the right direction. Payne plans to support Clinton because she believes Sanders will continue to be influential and able to bring some important health-care issues to the forefront in the Senate.

Delegates think now that they have voted their work is done. “Not true,” said Payne. “Sanders will still be in the Senate and continue to be vocal and fight for better health care and the issues important to middle-class America. There’s still much more work to be done,” Payne said. “It’s important for everyone to get involved, no matter what side of the aisle you prefer,” Payne advises.

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