Credit Union Foundation Launches Free Online forum

Credit Union Foundation
Maryland and District of Columbia
PO Box 190
Glenelg, MD  21737-0190
443 325-0771
Web site:
Attn: Kyle Swisher, Executive Director

The Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC has developed and launched a free online forum for credit union professionals.  The forum, known as “LINX,” was designed to enable idea and documentation exchange among credit union staff, volunteers, roundtables, and vendors. 

“LINX was designed to allow users to focus posts into specific areas of interest,” said Foundation Executive Director Kyle Swisher.  “Users post questions, respond to posts, exchange documents, and search saved archives of past posts.” 

Unlike some “listserv” systems where users are subjected to multiple emails, LINX users access the free service and choose only those posts they want to receive updated information on.  LINX users can also search an archive of past topics to find answers to their questions before they start a new post.

LINX topics include compliance, credit and collections, finance/investments, fraud & security, governance, training, marketing, lending, small credit unions, financial literacy, and more.

To introduce the new program, the Foundation is giving away a new Apple iPad™ to a randomly selected registered LINX user. 

“The more users we can attract to LINX, the better the service is for all of its users,” said Swisher.  “That’s why we introduced the iPad giveaway.  We believe that once users register and begin to use the LINX forum, they will see the benefit and visit the site regularly.”

To view the LINX site go to

For more information contact the Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC –

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