Credit Union Movement Unites Belvoir Federal and the Jamaican Cooperative Credit Union League

On April 9, 2010, Belvoir Federal Credit Union opened its doors to Denise Garfield, member of Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) – an organization where young professionals from other countries come to the United States to participate in a cultural and vocation exchange. Belvoir Federal’s visitor, who is a corporate planner and strategist with the Jamaica Cooperative Credit Union League, demonstrated the similarities and differences between credit unions in both countries.

In coordinating the development and management of the Leagues’ corporate plans and the role in the credit union movement, Denise was eager to learn of Belvoir Federal’s brand, history, trade associations, and our experiences with collaboration. Patricia Kimmel, Belvoir Federal’s CEO, stated that, “Credit Unions around the world share a passion for service to their memberships. And, we are thankful to the local Rotary for this exchange opportunity.” During the tour and orientation, Belvoir Federal learned of the changing regulatory structures for Jamaican credit unions, their business models, and the full-service nature of their League.

Belvoir Federal Credit Union is a full-service, member owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative providing the foundation for the financial success of our Members. For more information about Belvoir Federal Credit Union, please visit our Web site at


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