Credit Union Web Design and PolicyWorks partner to build engaging, compliant websites, marketing materials for credit unions

To help credit unions comply with complex regulatory requirements governing website and marketing communications, PolicyWorks and Credit Union Web Design have partnered. The alliance provides credit unions with customized, affordable and fully compliant websites by leveraging the power of PolicyWorks’ leadership in credit union compliance with Credit Union Web Design’s (a division of SK Advertising+Design) established credit union web design and marketing services.

According to PolicyWorks, website compliance is quickly becoming a key focal point for examiners, as members increasingly identify a website as a credit union’s primary source of information. Regulators monitor websites for compliance with numerous laws and regulations, including Truth in Lending, Equal Credit Opportunity, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, as well as various NCUA rules and regulations.

“This collaboration is tailored to the specific needs of today’s credit unions,” said Justin Hupfer, CEO of PolicyWorks. “It brings a new approach to website design that helps credit unions identify areas of compliance risk on their websites as they are building them. Rather than waiting for regulators to find an error, we take a preventative approach. Together with Credit Union Web Design, we will provide suggestions for resolutions to any potential trouble spots to make the site compliant. This partnership supports our mission of helping credit unions across the country successfully navigate the ever-changing and increasingly complex rules of regulatory compliance.”

“Credit unions benefit from a website redesign that further connects with their members to drive growth,” said SK Advertising+Design President Paul Kennedy. “This can be an intensive project on its own. Add compliance constraints, and engaging web design becomes even more complex. We are excited to partner with PolicyWorks to help clients achieve great design while minimizing risk. With this added service, we will deliver an experience that goes beyond expectations.”

About Credit Union Web Design, a division of SK Advertising+Design, was formed in 2013 to address the specific needs of credit unions during the website redevelopment process. Backed by a full-service marketing agency, they provide web design, SEO, SEM and other solutions that help credit unions connect with current members. More information is available on their website at

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