Press Surpasses 1,000 Credit Unions

Ondine Irving
Card Analysis Solutions

Chicago, IL October 11, 2011: CreditCardConnection.ORG, the website created by noted credit card consultant, Ondine Irving of Card Analysis Solutions, has surpassed 1,000 credit union credit card programs for American consumers to locate fair and ethical credit card programs.

Ondine Irving, founder and owner of Card Analysis Solutions, a credit union credit card advisory service for credit unions, broadened her scope to the American consumer by creating www.CreditCardConnection.ORG in 2010. “This website was created from my vision to provide the best credit card options to American consumers in the wake of the unfair and deceptive practices prevalent with the major credit card market. I knew the majority of credit unions offer the most fair and ethical credit card programs in the market, yet in 2010 no one was getting the word out effectively. Through communication with nationally known personal financial expert, Suze Orman, we collaborated to get the word out to America that there are alternative options.” Irving states. “There are just over 3,000 credit unions nationwide that offer credit card programs and we are extremely pleased to have a third of them listed.”

Each credit union’s credit card program is rated on a Five Star Rating System. A fair and ethical credit card program is deemed as one with either fixed or variable rates less than 18%, no balance transfer fees, no annual fees, late fees at or less than $25 and no penalty pricing. “Most credit unions have been receiving a 5 Star Rating”, states Irving.”It is highly unlikely those Credit Unions which have sold their credit card programs to banks will be eligible for the registry as most of these programs have rates that exceed 18% along with other typical bank fees.”

”To date, we have 1,007 credit unions register their credit card program on the site.” states Irving. Since the debut in 2010, the site now highlights reward programs and also offers free banner ads and promotional materials for credit unions to use on their own website and newsletters.

The site continues to be a mainstay on Suze Orman’s website and has been featured in her best-selling books, “2010 Action Plan” and “The Money Class”. This is a tremendous opportunity for credit unions to highlight their fair and ethical credit card programs. There is NO fee to be included in the registry. Credit Union’s can register their card programs at and click on the link “For Credit Unions Only”.



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