CRIF ACTion Integrates with IMM’s TotaleAtlas, Delivering Completely Paperless Origination Solution

ATLANTA, July 18, 2011– CRIF Lending Solutions today announced the integration of CRIF ACTion with Integrated Media Management’s (IMM) TotaleAtlas™, delivering a  seamless and paperless loan origination and document signing process using custom, generic or compliant documents from any provider. Now, lenders can benefit from an interface that connects the CRIFACTion loan and account origination solution with TotaleAtlas to quickly access, deliver and electronically sign loan documents. With this solution, credit unions and banks can address key compliance needs, reduce processing times and deepen customer relationships from any channel.

A fully-automated solution, CRIF ACTion, which is a powerful combination of the best of the APPRO and TERES solutions, simplifies the lending process by using one system for all account opening and consumer and business loan origination needs. TotaleAtlas provides fully-integrated in-branch, portable and remote channels for electronic document presentation, workflow, signature and image capture, and secure online delivery of documents 24/7. Each channel delivers pre-indexed, encrypted and signed documents to a host of imaging systems for an entirely paperless process. 

Key features of the new interface include:

–Data Integration – Allows borrower and collateral data to be seamlessly transmitted from CRIF ACTion to TotaleAtlas for processing of custom, generic or compliant documents. Instead of manually re-entering application data, lenders can now use TotaleAtlas to intuitively select and pre-populate the right loan documents with accurate information.

–Automated Document Selection – TotaleAtlas uses criteria such as product requirements, loan parameters and the number of borrowers, not only to reduce the likelihood of errors, but to help ensure a financial institution’s compliance with key industry regulations.

–Convenience for Lenders and Customers – The integration creates a new level of convenience for banks and credit unions and their clientele. The solution streamlines the loan process for lenders and gives members/customers the option of completing loan application documents from home or any location at any time.

The CRIF ACTion platform was built by combining 30 years of experience and technology expertise in the loan origination technology space with ongoing feedback from hundreds of clients in order to build a system that truly suits lenders’ needs. The integration with TotaleAtlas reaffirms CRIF Lending Solutions’ commitment to providing the most innovative solutions to financial institutions. For more information, visit  To register for our July 26 webinar and a demo of CRIF ACTion and TotaleAtlas working together, please email your contact information to

About CRIF Lending Solutions

CRIF Lending Solutions, comprising Aimbridge, APPRO, Cypress, FLS, Magnum and TERES, supports 650 of the most successful large and small U.S. banks, credit unions, credit card processing and financial institutions. Our complete suite of solutions increases productivity and profitability and are core system and data provider independent. These comprehensive offerings include loan origination systems for consumer, business, and point of sale lending as well as business process outsourcing for indirect lending, data aggregation, analytics and account opening. With over $137 million dollars in equity, CRIF Lending Solutions is part of CRIF, a global company specializing in the development and management of decision support systems worldwide.


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