CU Mobile Apps’ Clients Dominate NerdWallet’s “Best” List

In a recent web posting, independent research group NerdWallet identified credit unions whose mobile apps were outstanding performers—and their list of the top seven picks included four credit unions that use mobile app products developed by CU Mobile Apps and offered by Member Service Solutions, LLC, a Tennessee-based provider. (See the full report at

Among the nationally top-ranked credit unions named were Enrichment Federal Credit Union, Oak Ridge, TN; Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union, Pasadena, TX; Police and Fire Federal Credit Union, Philadelphia, PA.; and First Financial Credit Union, Skokie, IL, all of whom successfully launched their high-performance mobile apps within the previous year.

CU Mobile Apps managing partners Rick Hargis and Tom Gray were surprised and gratified to learn of NerdWallet’s published findings, and to discover that four of their clients were included in this top-ranked list.

“We knew we had a robust product, but it feels great to have that opinion confirmed by independent consumer advocates and distinguished experts in the financial field,” said Hargis. “Hopefully our other 40+ credit unions clients are sharing the same experience as the four that were ranked.”

“Our apps were developed by credit unions for credits unions and their members,” added Gray. “Recognition by NerdWallet is evidence that this strategy is proving itself to be smart and effective.”

Laura Edgar, Content & Media Manager for NerdWallet, explained why her group developed the list of credit unions that use noteworthy high-tech mobile apps. “Part of what we’ve tried to do at NerdWallet is educate people about credit unions as an alternative. A lot of our readers are younger—in their 20’s or 30’s—and many of them just don’t know that credit unions are often as tech-savvy as banks are; so it’s very exciting for us to be able to bring this kind of information to light and let them know they can bank on their smart phone if they have an account at a credit union.”

Her list focused on apps that went above and beyond the basic capabilities found in most mobile banking apps, such as finding ATMs, checking your account balance, and transferring funds.

“We particularly liked the listed apps that let you look at a credit union’s news page or get linked up with their Facebook account; we thought that was very much in the spirit of what credit unions do, connecting you with the community and making it easier to see what’s going on and to get information concerning new promotions. We thought that was really exciting; a lot of bank apps don’t do that,” observed Edgar. “The social features particularly stood out for me.”

Looking ahead, she predicts a continuing tendency of credit unions to embrace high-tech advances. “There seems to be a trend. Five years ago I didn’t see anything like this—and now it’s just exploding! So I expect to see more of it in the next couple of years.”

Her predictions mirror the evidence CU Mobile Apps is already seeing: Their versatile app has been a big hit with credit unions and their members, and continues to be in demand. Gray reports that more than 40 credit unions have embraced the CU mobile app in the last 14 months since it became available, and more than 100 additional credit unions are in the development pipeline, pending approval.

“The product’s unique AppEngine platform works with all Apple and Android devices as well as Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and its future-forward design allows it to seamlessly accept and integrate newer technologies as they become available, adding to its broad appeal. It will only get better with continued use and development,” says Gray.

CU Mobile Apps is available through Member Service Solutions, LLC, a respected provider of insurance and financial solutions for credit unions and financial institutions. Additional information is available at and , or by calling (800) 537-9035, Ext. 105.

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