CU-NEXT to Speak at 2012 Small Credit Union Workshops

CU-NEXT is pleased to announce that it will be presenting at the League of Southeastern Credit Union’s Small Credit Workshops in Tampa, FL on Tuesday, February 7th, and in Birmingham, AL on Thursday, February 9th

The presentation, titled Limit Your Losses…for Your Credit Union and for Your Members, will be given by Bill Spearman, President of CU-Next, and Jim Warren, CEO and President of Tyndall Federal Credit Union.  Mr. Spearman will highlight how economic and regulatory considerations have changed the landscape for the collections business and how you can implement specific practices to safeguard your members’ assets and your credit union’s bottom line. Consistency, accountability, technology, and training are key elements to a successful collections program and CU-NEXT can help other credit unions limit their losses.

Mr. Warren will highlight how, even in the midst of a troubled economy, Tyndall Federal Credit Union was able to effectively manage the operational fundamentals and use CU-Next as a critical tool to manage loan losses.   By doing so, Tyndall was able to remain on very solid financial ground, and able to continue to deliver an exceptional product to its membership.

For information on how you can attend the workshop, please contact LSCU Director, Member Relations, Adena Whitman at 205.437.2134.  For more information about CU-Next and the services they provide, please visit or call Bill Spearman at 850-747-4498.


CU-NEXT originated as part of Tyndall Federal Credit Union, a $1 billion financial institution in Panama City, FL. The credit union service organization was designed and created by credit union professionals to assist other credit unions to quickly identify issues and structure themselves for long-term viability. Overall, the goal of CU-NEXT is to provide clients with the tools they need to help them thrive in any financial market.

For more information about CU-NEXT, please visit


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