CU Solutions Group partners with AudioEye to update ADA compliance

Ambiguity with web content accessibility guidelines 2.0 raises concerns with credit unions

LIVONIA, MI (December 7, 2017) — While widespread uncertainty exists with how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to website accessibility, CU Solutions Group (CUSG) has partnered with AudioEye to­­­­­ incorporate ADA digital compliance for credit union websites.

Through this new partnership, CUSG is offering its clients a comprehensive solution for achieving and maintaining digital accessibility in alignment with ADA-related accessibility requirements at rates tailored for CUSG clients. This service includes:

  • Advanced Automated Testing Suite: Complete audit to identify all issues and risks of accessibility and detection of WCAG 2.0 success criteria
  • Automated and manually-generated remediation of errors and risks in alignment with WCAG 2.0 success criteria
  • Manual technical analysis and functional usability testing conducted by users with assistive technology
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring and remediation, including manual testing and testing with assistive technology
  • AudioEye certification of the credit union’s commitment to accessibility­­­

The service from CUSG and AudioEye also includes the Ally Toolbar, a usability enhancement assistive tool, embedded in the site, that addresses a range of disabilities. Designed to enhance the user experience and allow for customization, the Ally Toolbar has considerations for users with a wide range of disabilities and has considerations including a dyslexic font, adjustments to color contrast, font size and navigation, keyboard controls, a player feature that can read site content aloud and the ability to use voice commands for navigation.

The partnership between CU Solutions Group and AudioEye comes amidst a number of lawsuits that have drastically increased around the country alleging that individual financial institution websites are inaccessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In light of this, many credit unions are reviewing whether their website follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA.

“CUSG takes great pride in the quality of the web design services that it provides,” said CU Solutions Group President/CEO Dave Adams. “That quality includes the creativity of a site, its functionality and its compliance with regulations. The recent firestorm created by the ADA regulations, the ambiguity around what compliance means and the unfortunate, opportunistic lawsuits that are seemingly instigated by bad actors who are trying to cash in on the current nebulous regulatory guidance, all point to the need for service providers like CUSG to lend a helping hand with audit tools that reduce the risks associated with non-compliance,” Adams continued. “CUSG’s new partnership with AudioEye will provide a valuable tool for credit unions to mitigate these risks.”

While digital compliance ambiguities remain, this partnership was formed to protect credit unions against potential lawsuits or demand letters.

More information about CUSG’s ADA compliance services can be found at

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Nick Olexa, Vice President of Marketing, CU Solutions Group

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