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GRAND RAPIDS, MI – October 4, 2012 – West Michigan-based CUSO, CU*Answers, announced that it will be hosting a CU*Answers University session: Dashboard Dives. The series, part of the CUSO’s 2013 Executive Study Group Network Project, will be led by CU*Answers CEO, Randy Karnes. During the web conference training sessions, credit unions utilizing the CU*BASE® core platform will have the opportunity to converse with Mr. Karnes and other credit union CEOs about what their CU*BASE dashboards are revealing about their membership, and how they could use the data to maximize their success.

Unlike the CU*Answers focus groups in which credit unions can discuss potential enhancements to the software, these web conference sessions offer a forum for peer discussion centering around what credit unions can currently do with the system. The twelve week series will each cover one of the numerous dashboards available to credit unions on the CU*BASE platform, ranging from the Fee Income/Waiver analysis to the Member Retention dashboards.

A CU*Answers spokesperson added that the CUSO is continuing to put emphasis on graphical dashboard development in order to put more information at the fingertips of its credit unions, and to take time out of research and put it into analysis and action.

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