CUA’s car shopping service (MAC) recap of third quarter partnership with Kemba CU

HOUSTON, TX (November 9, 2017) — During the third quarter of 2017, CU Alliance announced the collaboration with Kemba CU ($815M assets) in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kemba CU chose the MAC member car shopping service to complement their direct auto lending initiatives and effectively improve relationships with their indirect automobile dealer partners. “We had been looking for a partner, with the right web-based technology for our member car shopping program and felt Member Auto Center was the right solution; we are confident the MAC service satisfies our needs.”, explained Andy Dunn, the Chief Experience Officer of the Credit Union.

MAC is a complimentary service to Credit Union partners and helps members with the challenging process of buying a car. MAC utilizes a comprehensive set of online tools that help members make better car-buying decisions, get a better deal, and get pre-approved, all in one place; it also provides Credit Unions a competitor free platform, thus increasing the chances of retaining the loan.

“User surveys have shown that nearly 55% of members who submit dealer inquiries on MAC websites come back to the Credit Union for their car loan. We are thrilled with the positive impact we are having on Credit Union lending success, and look forward to doing this with Kemba CU as well!” stated John Riley, Executive Vice President of Member Auto Center.

About CU Alliance

Founded in 1998, CU Alliance, LLC (CUA) is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that offers multiple loan aggregation services for Credit Unions. Everyday Credit Unions compete to retain member automobile and home loans in a very competitive and technologically driven marketplace. CUA offers Credit Unions a way to respond by leveraging CUSO resources, best practices, and technology to help Credit Unions thrive in the consumer lending business.

CU Alliance, LLC, manages the operations of several Credit Union loan-growth products and services in several markets for more than two hundred Credit Unions and multiple CUSOs in 14 states by providing Indirect Auto Lending, Mortgage Products, Online Car Shopping Tools, Real Estate, and Insurance Services.


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