CUbroadcast Discovers How Andy Janning Works Without a Net

Mike Lawson

SAN DIEGO – July 20, 2012 – Some people on this planet are simply blessed to be good folks and have a ton of fun no matter what they do. Well, we at CUbroadcast have one of those people on our show today — and that’s Mr. Andy Janning. Formerly, Trainer Extraordinaire at Forum Credit Union, Andy has recently flown the credit union coop to start his own training and leadership consulting firm named No Net Solutions. Wanting to know more, we invited him on the show to find out why he started No Net, along with a few examples and anecdotes of his unique training and leadership techniques that surely set him apart from basically anybody else in this hemisphere — and the other one, too. The kicker to the interview is the compelling story behind his firm’s name, No Net. So stay on board for that segment. You also have to take a few minutes to watch Andy’s well-produced video: A Trainer’s Tale.

See the interview here:

To check out No Net Solutions, visit:

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