CUmark launches No-Fee-Super-Free Campaign

VANCOUVER, BC (August 26, 2016) — It’s finally happened. Taking a cue from the credit union industry, CUmark, a BC based agency built specifically for credit unions, has launched a no-fee product: the No-Fee-Super-Free Campaign (

“We realized that like credit unions, our clients wanted something better–something free,” states Jeremy Whittingstall, CEO and Lead Free-Ologist at CUmark. “Why should the credit unions be expected to offer free chequing accounts and not have anyone return the favour? CUmark thinks there is a better way.”

The No-Fee-Super-Free Campaign offers credit unions from coast to coast a chance to receive the best ROI ever, while trying out a new approach to creative campaign development.

“It’s right there in the name,” states Luke Taylor, Chief Creative Officer and Head of Fee Slashing for CUmark. “Our experience working with credit unions showed us that clients want value, community, and personalized service. CUmark offers that, and you can try it out at no cost whatsoever!”

To learn more about the No-Fee-Super-Free Campaign and what it provides, credit unions are encouraged to visit or call the No-Fee-Super-Free team at 604-866-3234.

About CUmark

CUmark, a division of Loomo Marketing Inc., is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. For over 20 years, the CUmark team has been proud to provide marketing, communications, brand, and creative support to credit unions and recognized financial institutions. CUmark is especially proud to support credit unions because we’re also credit union members. Visit for more details.


Jeremy Whittingstall
Loomo Marketing

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