CU*NorthWest wins NACUSO 2017 CUSO of the Year Award

LIBERTY LAKE, WA (April 25, 2017) — CU*NorthWest, a 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO, was recently honored by NACUSO as the recipient of the 2017 CUSO of the Year award. The award was presented to CU*NorthWest at the 2017 NACUSO Network Conference held in Orlando on April 12th. The award is given to CUSOs that best demonstrate thought leadership, innovation in organization design, value created through collaboration, and a proven track record of positive results.

“We are incredibly honored to have been recognized with this prestigious award from NACUSO,” said Greg Smith, CU*NorthWest CEO. “For over a decade, CU*NorthWest has been proving that pure cooperative business models make a difference. With credit union-owned core technology at the foundation, CU*NorthWest offers credit unions an alternative to the traditional vendor model. We aggregate value across the network of CUSOs and credit unions, and create a rich environment where credit union collaboration and partnership extends that value every day.”

Jack Antonini, President & CEO of NACUSO said: “CU*Northwest’s entire approach to treating every client as an owner, giving owners/clients a voice in establishing priorities, and the “disruptive technology access and shared execution” with a focus on saying “Yes” to opportunities is true cooperative collaboration in action. The overall shareholder value they have created for owners is a tremendous accomplishment, and we think their story of collaboration will resonate in the industry.”

Chair of the 2017 CUSO Collaboration and Innovation Award Committee and partner at Callahan & Associates, Jay Johnson, added: “CU*Northwest exemplifies the cooperative model. Their focus on user engagement creates a network effect, demonstrating the impact shared resources and sweat equity can deliver. By engaging their owners and clients to give voice to the CUSO’s direction, they are a living collaboration laboratory that is providing valuable technology solutions to credit unions.”

CU*NorthWest was founded in 2005 to provide credit unions with the information solutions and tools necessary to grow and aggressively compete in a competitive financial environment. Originally formed by five credit unions as a 100% credit union-owned CUSO, the organization has grown to serve over thirty CUs in five states.

“We are very thankful for the credit union partners that have made this possible,” added Smith. “None of this would have been possible without them. Their dedication to working towards something greater and to helping build a valuable CUSO has made it possible for us all to flourish together. We welcome any credit union interested in becoming a part of our team to contact us and to learn firsthand how we serve our CUs with the same focus and intensity that they serve their members.”

About CU*NorthWest

CU*NorthWest was founded in 2005 as a part of the network of credit unions and CUSO’s. It is a 100% credit union-owned cooperative CUSO located in Liberty Lake, Washington. CU*NorthWest offers a wide variety of services for credit unions including its flagship CU*BASE processing system (online and in-house) and Internet development services featuring the It’s Me 247 online and mobile banking. Additional services include web site development, network design and security, execution services, and a complete eDocument solution. CU*NorthWest provides expertise in implementing technical solutions to operational needs, and helps credit unions form strategic alliances and partnerships. For more information, visit


Greg Smith
President / CEO
866-922-7646, ext. 302 |

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