CUs Reported Reaching 413,106 Students During the 2011-2012 School Year

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NYIB Vice Chair
Youth Marketing Manager, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, Tampa, FL
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Data collected by the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) underscores credit unions’ commitment to youth in 2011-12, during which the not-for-profits reached a total of 413,106 students in 13,008 classrooms presentations. With the increase of data reporting over the years, NYIB needed to enhance their website to sustain future growth and with every new website development, challenges can evolve. This year the NYIB network experienced just that, but with the dedication of credit union educators, we still had an amazing year! With only a few months to enter data for the entire school year, that’s exactly what they did.  Knowing the importance of financial education and in spreading credit union awareness, presenters worked overtime (voluntarily) to get their data in by reporting at

Credit unions’ consistent performance despite economic pressure over the past few years has been reassuring and rewarding to NYIB leaders.  It is evident that credit unions still consider the financial education of youth a high priority.  “Credit unions have responded to young people seeking guidance and fundamental financial knowledge, and not a moment too soon,” NYIB Chairman Rebecca Isaacs shared. “The magic lies in cooperation.  Never have I seen an organization with so many willing to share their stories, their successes, their failures, their triumphs and their heroes.”

Anissa Arthenayake of OSU Federal Credit Union (Corvallis, OR) conducted the most classroom presentations (730). Marsha Lunden of Desert Schools Credit Union (Phoenix, AZ) reached the most students (17,048) in the 2011-12 reporting year.  Both showed a notable increase from the previous year.

The NYIB “Top Classroom Presenter”—the person with the greatest percentage increase in classroom presentations over the previous year—was Michael Lee of Golden 1 Credit Union (CA). In 2011-12, he made 174 presentations, 128.95% more than his presentations given in 2010-11. Likewise, “Most Students Reached” went to Julie Blaylock of Community Financial CU (MI), whose 3,297 students reached in 2011-12 was a 411.96% increase over the number of students she reached in 2010-11.  This year, the NYIB also recognized the region reaching the most students.  The South East Region took this honor, reaching an amazing 129,144 students!

NYIB, celebrating its 40th year and proud recipient of the 2011Herb Wegner award for outstanding organization, is made up of a collection of volunteer credit union professionals devoted to financial education and youth-oriented services. Created in 1972 in response to aging credit union membership, NYIB is the only organization collecting classroom presentation data. Among NYIB’s annual objectives are building and refining the data, helping credit unions quantify their work while providing regulators, legislators, and others a valuable example of credit unions’ philosophy at work.

Visitors to can create a “MyNYIB” profile for access to the classroom reporting feature, a searchable document sharing feature, and the ability to upload their own news stories. Membership in NYIB is voluntary and site features are at no cost to the network.

Questions are welcomed by the National Youth Involvement Board’s Executive Committee, accessible at

The National Youth Involvement Board’s mission is “Helping today’s youth become financially savvy individuals and loyal credit union members.”

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