CUSO Collaborates with Users to Develop NSF/ANR Tool

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With the next set of software enhancements slated to be released to online clients May 16, CU*BASE users will have a new NSF/ANR Management Summary tool at their fingertips. 

According to CU*Answers, the new NSF/ANR dashboard is “an excellent and timely addition considering the current climate (with Reg. E and increased interest in the collection of this income).”  The CUSO continues to say that the dashboard gives CEOs a full picture of the NSF and Courtesy Pay income credit-union wide for an entire year, giving CEOs the ability to understand their big picture income and to identify members who are generating it in a whole new way. 

Features of the new dashboard include:

  • The ability to view full transaction counts by month, and then toggle to see income by month or channel
  • Associated graphs then show the data according to counts or income (amount)
  • Calculates ongoing averages throughout the year and highlights measured deviations for researching surges and drops in activity
  • Gives quick access to the members affected by the fees by number of transactions and month to month identify members needing education
  • Allows users to drill down for the members who are doing the most and being most affected by credit union policies and their usage

The NSF/ANR dashboard was first introduced during CEO Strategies Week in November, 2009, hosted in Grand Rapids, which was attended by 195 credit union professionals.  Candid discussion allowed CU*BASE users to analyze NSF/ANR facts, income effects, and impending regulatory changes, and also compare existing CU*BASE tools available to determine future needs.   The CUSO went on to state that the collaboration process for the creation of this dashboard is a perfect example of how credit unions benefit by partnering with a 100% credit union-owned CUSO for DP needs.   

About CU*Answers

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