CUtopia Announces OASys 2.0 Core Data Processing System Upgrade

Christopher D. Pantaleon
Director of Business Development
Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC
6900 South Orange Blossom Trail
Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32809
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ORLANDO, FL. (August, 2012) – CUtopia Solutions a division of Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC announced that is has completed a significant upgrade to its OASys core data processing system for credit unions.  The OASys 2.0 release focuses on user experience improvement, automation of processing, disaster recovery, and compliance issues.  A key component of the system is providing these services “in the cloud” allowing for simplified management, oversight and solid contingency planning which is a must in today’s financial industry.

The OASys core processing system is designed for credit unions that are limited by their current system, yet require a low cost of ownership. The cloud based/hosted system provides operational flexibility and delivers a highly functional, reliable and fully compliant solution that is configurable to the credit union’s unique environment. Managers who still wrestle with manual functionality will welcome the automated features that include OFAC, end of day, credit bureau and call reporting as well as automated back-up. “Credit unions that need to stay competitive don’t need to settle for plain vanilla systems,” says Chris Pantaleon, Director of Business Development at CUtopia.  OASys adds a new level of automation plus 24/7 live support and customer service, training and support, unmatched in the industry.

The OASys 2.0 upgrade centers around feedback from existing credit union clients and presents key functionality and management improvements that deliver the best benefits to credit union operations. Some key advantages include:

  • Account Relationship Management that allows the credit union to support multiple suffixes per primary account.
  • Disaster Recovery that stores and replicates members’ data in both CUtopia data centers.
  • Enhanced General Ledger provides the ability to add multiple transactions in a single batch while ensuring accounts are in balance.
  • Enhanced Search Features provide the power of searching for particular transactions within the General Ledger.
  • Improved Automation that allows end of day processing to be handled with a few clicks while pre-scheduling routine tasks.
  • Live Interface provides members the ability to view their account information using CUtopia’s eSuite of services in real-time.
  • Multi-Teller Transactions allow tellers to take advantage of submitting multiple transaction from one screen.
  • Multi-Disbursements provide the ability to distribute new loan funds to multiple parties within a single transaction.
  • OASys 2.0 also addresses all of the current Federal regulatory compliance requirements.

“Presentations of the new upgrade have been received very well by existing and prospective credit union clients and we have already signed a number of new clients as a result of the upgrade,” commented Pantaleon.

About CUtopia Solutions:
CUtopia, provides a comprehensive, suite of services to small to mid-sized credit unions. From core data processing and audio response, to mobile and online banking, to check imaging and eStatements, CUtopia helps credit unions to compete effectively while streamlining their processes with state-or-the-art technologies and user-friendly solutions, As a credit union technology service provider, CUtopia’s goal is to enrich each individual credit union’s capabilities by offering proven solutions backed by a team of forward-thinking innovators with a spirit for service. CUtopia is a division of Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC, a respected banking and credit union technology company founded in 1995 that serves more than 300 credit unions and banks throughout the U.S. All CUtopia services are AICPA Service Organization Control Reports certified. – 888-596-4947

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