DakCU and DigiLend join forces!

BISMARCK, ND (July 10, 2024)The Dakota Credit Union Association (DakCU) is pleased to announce a new partnership with CU DigiLend, an innovative technology platform providing white-labeled solutions for credit unions. This collaboration will introduce CU DigiLend’s advanced point-of-sale financing program to the association’s member credit unions, enhancing their ability to offer flexible financing options to their members and enabling local businesses to support their customers with seamless financing solutions.

CU DigiLend stands out for its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly experience, allowing credit unions to facilitate personal financing directly at the point of sale. This streamlined loan application process makes it easier for members to secure the funds they need for major purchases, particularly in areas like home improvement and healthcare. Additionally, by partnering with local businesses, CU DigiLend helps credit unions broaden their community impact, strengthens relationships with local merchants, and enhances engagement with current and new members.

“This new partnership underscores DakCU’s commitment to providing innovative services and growth opportunities to our member credit unions,” stated George McDonald, Chief Officer of Strategic Services. “The collaboration not only expands our service offerings but will also help our member credit unions to attract new members, enhance their product portfolios, and serve their communities in exciting new ways utilizing the latest technology.” 

CU DigiLend’s solutions enable credit unions to provide customized, branded financing options, ensuring they maintain their unique identity while leveraging cutting-edge technology. This partnership marks a pivotal step in DakCU’s ongoing efforts to equip its members with the resources needed to thrive in an increasingly competitive financial landscape.

“This is a very unique product to credit unions,” explained McDonald. “For the past two decades, it has primarily been a ‘big bank’ option. However, the Iowa Credit Union League led the way by offering this member solution through their Service Corp, with excellent results. We are very excited about the new partnership with CU DigiLend; their dedication to delivering high-quality financial solutions aligns perfectly with our mission to help our member credit unions to succeed. We are confident that this partnership will bring significant benefits to our members and their communities, and many of our members have already expressed interest,” he concluded.

About Dakota Credit Union Association (DakCU)

The Dakota Credit Union Association (DakCU) is the professional financial trade association serving 64 credit unions that employ nearly 2,400 individuals across the Dakotas. With more than 536,000 members in North and South Dakota, Dakota credit unions have assets exceeding $10.8 billion. In our mission to help credit unions succeed, DakCU plays a key role in growing membership and helping to provide service excellence to members from offices in Bismarck, ND and Sioux Falls, SD. For more information visit our website.  

About CU DigiLend

CU DigiLend, a collaboration with Affiliates Management Company and FinMkt, revolutionizes consumer lending and financial services. Leveraging AMC’s commitment to consumer well-being and FinMkt’s innovative cloud-based technology, CU DigiLend delivers tailored solutions to credit unions, empowering them to become trusted financial partners for consumers.


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