DCUC takes rebranding to the next level

WASHINGTON, DC (February 26, 2018) — The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) continues its rebranding campaign by launching a motion graphic video bringing to life the value of DCUC and Defense Credit Unions as they serve those who serve our country.

Since 1963 the Defense Credit Union Council has been an integral part of the fabric that keeps our military strong and their communities vibrant. With more than 23 million members and over $220 billion dollars in collective assets, this nonprofit defense credit union trade association is larger than Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Lockheed Martin combined.

DCUC provides over 180 defense credit unions a single point of contact for inside the Pentagon and on capitol hill allowing each defense credit unions to positively impact the entire lifecycle of military personnel and their families. DCUC member credit unions take care of military families from one generation to the next giving them access to easy and affordable credit and protecting them from predatory lending and bad financial practices.

Military families are unique, and DCUC member credit unions are experienced in supporting their members with specialized programs like guaranteed pay during government shutdowns. DCUC is more than a trade association; they are part of the fabric of the military community spanning 48 states and 20 countries worldwide.

DCUC and their member credit unions always give back to their communities they serve! Click here to see our new motion graphic video.

About Defense Credit Union Council

The Defense Credit Union Council is a trade association representing the interests of federally and state-chartered credit unions serving our military around the globe. By maintaining a close and constant liaison with the Pentagon, the Council supports its member credit unions and the Department of Defense (DOD) in coordinating policy, procedures, and legislation impacting morale and welfare, financial readiness, and the delivery of quality financial products and services to DOD personnel and their families. Organized in 1963, the Council’s membership is comprised of 180 credit unions with over 23 million members. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Brittany Boccher at 719-213-5970 or email at


Brittany Boccher, IC
Special Projects Coordinator
Defense Credit Union Council

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