Debit Consultants Warns FIs to Use Caution When Wooing Angry Bank Customers

(Des Moines, Iowa – November 1, 2011) – In a new white paper co-authored by TJ Riha, CEO of debit consulting firm PayFusion, and Andrea Stritzke, VP of regulatory compliance at PolicyWorks, community financial institutions (FIs) are encouraged to go after frustrated bank customers – but to heed certain warnings when doing so.

“To be sure, this extraordinary chance at growth can not be squandered,” Riha and Stritzke write, referring to the opportunity spurred by consumer movements like Occupy Wall Street and Bank Transfer Day. “That said, leadership at the nation’s credit unions and community banks must proceed with caution when courting these angry bank customers.”

Riha and Stritzke outline several warnings for community FIs, including:

  • Regulatory concerns with use of the word “free” in advertising
  • The need for a thorough competitive analysis of financial products
  • Marketing advice, including the use of incentives to court new business
  • Possible repercussions of courting risky customers

The paper concludes with a best-practices strategy, including four tactics credit unions and community banks should put into place before marketing to frustrated bank customers.

The white paper, “Use Caution When Wooing Angry Bank Customers,” can be downloaded at

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