DeepTarget Reg E Opt-In Solution Selected by More Financial Institutions

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DeepTarget Inc. ( today announced that the DeepTarget Reg E Opt-In turnkey solution was selected by Weber Credit Union, Utah;  Christian Community Credit Union, California;  Aventa Credit Union, Colorado; Deer Valley Credit Union, Arizona and  Money One Federal Credit Union, Maryland.   They were among other financial institutions who selected this new hosted and completely turnkey solution that will support financial institutions in achieving compliance with the new Regulation E overdraft amendment. 

DeepTarget Reg E Opt-In is a new turnkey solution that can work with these three different highly cost-effective electronic channels:     1) Website            2) Email             3) Online Banking

On the financial institution website or within online banking, the new DeepTarget turnkey solution works by displaying ready-to-use banners regarding the new regulation. Initial results from one credit union’s (asset size < $20 million) implementation are shown in the graph here, demonstrating the effectiveness and success of the solution.  These results are based on the first three weeks of opt-ins. Financial institutions of varying sizes have chosen to implement the solution.

When a person clicks on the Reg E banner online or within email, he or she is redirected to a page that contains the complete overdraft information that is required to be presented. In addition, they will be offered the ability to opt-in for coverage of overdrafts on ATM and debit card transactions, should they choose to do so.   These pages can be customized for the branding of the Financial Institution.

As customers opt-in, they are automatically sent an email confirmation (written confirmation is required for compliance).  In addition, regular reports will be delivered either daily or weekly to the financial institution about who opted in, providing updates on new acceptances, as well as an audit trail. 

With the Email solution, the financial institution simply provides a contact list to which DeepTarget will send a customized and personalized email regarding Regulation E, as well as a link that will take them to the information and opt-in forms described earlier. This new turnkey solution has been designed for Regulation E compliance, with a view to making it effortless, rapid and cost-effective for any financial institution to implement.  Visit the website here to learn more about it.


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