DeepTarget showcases intelligent targeting at MEA Mobile 2017 Conference

Presentation provides insights on targeting within mobile banking to generate outstanding results.

MADISON , AL (June 12, 2017) — According to a report from the Federal Reserve, 87% of American adults use a smart phone, and more than half of them conduct their banking via their phones. Their mobile device of choice has become an indispensable marketing channel, one that financial institutions cannot simply ignore but instead must not just embrace but excel at using it.

Representing FinTech digital marketing company DeepTarget, its President Jill Homan and Judith Shaver, VP of Channel Development and Sales, will be providing insights that lead to maximizing targeted marketing and advertising results in mobile banking when they speak at MEA Financial’s 5th Annual Mobile Conference which is being held in Kansas City, Missouri from June 13 to 15, 2017.

“Banks and credit unions will see a 300% to 400% improvement in converted responses when they use targeted, data-based advertising compared to non-targeted ads,” Homan said. “This is especially impactful as there has never been such a time as now when mobile marketing in the financial services industry is having such a huge impact on the customer satisfaction and revenue performance of financial institutions of all sizes.”

Through actual, realized metrics, Shaver noted some of the outstanding successes banks and credit unions have achieved with intelligently targeted, personalized mobile advertising. “As an example, within a short 30 day period one DeepTarget customer whose campaign targeted 13,580 mobile banking users, generated over 2,200 qualified leads that resulted in 266 new sales transactions,” she said. “These kind of eye-opening results are the strong benefits you can expect when you use your customer information intelligently and appropriately to send the right message to the right audience at just the right time.”

The DeepTarget-MEA Financial mobile integrated solutions are offered to customers of MEA Financial through their reseller partnership and will be showcased at the annual conference this week. DeepTarget Mobile is available for demonstration and purchase by customers of MEA Financial by contacting MEA at

About DeepTarget Inc.

DeepTarget provides a single Digital Experience Platform for financial institutions to manage the complete engagement-to-results lifecycle across all digital channels, resulting in increased revenue, loyalty and trust and decreased costs. Their solutions help financial institutions connect with their customers with messages that resonate. DeepTarget’s intelligent digital marketing and sales solutions are used by hundreds of financial institutions to provide a seamless communications experience wherever, whenever, and however their customers bank. For additional information visit

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MEA provides complete software solutions, including mobile banking, to small and medium sized community financial institutions. We leverage their expert knowledge in the industry’s software needs to provide market leading solutions. MEA Financial’s solutions are not only technically advanced, but provide superior functionality, are easy to integrate, and offer enhanced levels of cost efficiency. With these solutions, we work towards the goal of helping our clients grow revenue and gain a competitive edge by enhancing their customers’ satisfaction. More information about MEA Financial can be found at


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