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WASHINGTON, DC (February 24, 2020) — The Defense Credit Union Council in coordination with the United States Military Academy and Lightbulb Press produced a 160-page Armed Forces Financial Guide. This guide contains vital financial information that coincides with each stage of the military life cycle. Military families encounter complex financial issues at one or more stages in their military career and beyond. Defense Credit Unions are prepared to provide tailored advice to assist military families as they navigate through these issues. This guide is one of those resources.

As proud partners and charter members of various Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs financial readiness and literacy campaigns and as veterans ourselves, we are acutely aware of the financial challenges with which military members, veterans, and their families often struggle.

This guide, developed by military financial education experts, is the most comprehensive approach to these issues available anywhere. It covers topics such as financial basics, deployments, special pay, transition and retirement, service benefits, and more. In addition to this valuable information, the guide offers strategies and tips that will help our military and veterans set and meet immediate and long-term financial goals. We invested in this effort because we want to help our military and veterans succeed!

However, financial education is only one part of the equation for financial success. It is most helpful to use this guide in combination with support from a Personal Financial Manager, civilian financial planner in your local community, and your credit union. These community resources, as well as many others listed throughout the guide, are reliable sources of up to date information for our military and veterans’ financial questions.

Our goal in releasing the Armed Forces Financial Guide is to prepare our military for financial success, both during their career and as they embark on their transition from active service. Serving Those Who Serve Our Country is not just a motto; it is the backbone of who DCUC and its members are.

If you would like to purchase copies of the guide or license an e-book version for your use, please contact Mavis Wright at or visit for more information.

About Defense Credit Union Council

The Defense Credit Union Council is a trade association representing the interests of federally and state-chartered credit unions serving our military around the globe. By maintaining a close and constant liaison with the Pentagon, the Council supports its member credit unions and the Department of Defense (DOD) in coordinating policy, procedures, and legislation impacting morale and welfare, financial readiness, and the delivery of quality financial products and services to DOD personnel and their families. Organized in 1963, the Council’s membership is comprised of 180 credit unions with over 25 million members.


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