Deterring And Responding To Robberies: A Training Tool For Credit Unions

Financial Institution robberies continue nationwide.  According to FBI Statistics, in the 2nd Quarter of 2011 there were:

  • 1,007 robberies
  • $7.8 million taken
  • 4% with violent acts
  • 31 injuries, 1 death and three persons taken hostage

To target this rising trend The Evans Group has announced a new product launch.  For the past 10 years state  credit union leagues/associations as well as individual credit unions have been tapped into the insight of Troy Evans, professional speaker and best selling author, to deliver training on this very subject. Troy has met and interviewed over 300 convicted bank and credit union robbers and provides “real life” insight into the “mind of the enemy.” Troy’s experiences, combined with those of a long time law enforcement officer and security consultant, the President and CEO of a large financial institution that was robbed, and a teller who was on the front lines during a robbery will provide expert advice from all angles.

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Troy Evans is a professional speaker and author who resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his dog Archibald.  Troy travels the country delivering keynote presentations, and since his release from prison has taken the corporate and association platforms by storm.  For nearly a decade now he has provided financial institutions with real-life insight surrounding robbery prevention, apprehension and recovery.

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