Diebold Federal Credit Union is renamed to DN Community Federal Credit Union

NORTH CANTON, OHIO (October 27, 2017) — Diebold Federal Credit Union has recently announced that it has changed its name to DN Community Federal Credit Union. The credit union will continue to serve those residents who live, work, worship or attend school throughout Stark County.

Last year Diebold, Incorporated merged with Wincor Nixdorf resulting in a new company name, Diebold Nixdorf. Since that partnership and renaming of the company, the credit union chose to rename and rebrand, too.

Diebold Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1954 to serve the employees of Diebold. Over the years, the credit union has grown and expanded to serve not only Diebold employees and their family members, but also those in the Stark County community.

“We came up with DN Community Federal Credit Union as the new name. The ‘DN’ in our name pays homage to our founding company Diebold, which is now Diebold Nixdorf. And the word ‘Community’ reflects the fact that we also serve those in the Stark County community,” said Greg Grosklos, DN Community FCU CEO.  “We’re excited to launch our new name and logo to our members as well as our friends and neighbors in Stark County.”

About Diebold Federal Credit Union

DN Community Federal Credit Union offers savings and checking accounts, car loans, credit cards, real estate loans and other financial services to those who live, work, attend church or school in Stark County. For more information about the credit union, visit them online at


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