Digital Growth Institute launches Digital Jumpstart Program

Team training program aims to transform financial institutions’ marketing, so they can grow from good to great by attracting, nurturing, and converting digital leads for loans and new accounts.

HOUSTON, TX (November 28, 2017)

Financial services digital marketing firm Digital Growth Institute (formerly CU Grow) has opened its Digital Jumpstart Program for banks and credit unions to help transform their marketing efforts from antiquated to contemporary using proven digital applications that generate loans and new accounts. Digital Growth Institute’s Digital Growth Jumpstart Program is now open for sign ups and commences January 30, 2018.

The Digital Growth Jumpstart Program, developed by founder and CEO James Robert Lay, teaches marketers a proven framework designed exclusively for financial institutions that show them how to jumpstart their digital marketing.  Students commit an average of 3-4 hours a week to the program for six months, pushing them to break free from the legacy systems and thinking that kept them from maximizing their financial institution’s digital growth potential.

According to Lay, this program is not an online course. It is a learning experience that combines the best of on-demand classroom training, exercises, peer group coaching, and one-on-one consulting – all done from the convenience of the student’s office or training room.

“This program is a transformative training and consulting guide designed exclusively for banks and credit unions,” explains Lay. “Digital growth is not just about marketing. It’s about marketing, sales, operations, and IT working together to break free from legacy thinking, processes, and systems. It’s not just for marketers. Other key stakeholders can learn a proven framework together that is rooted at the intersection of marketing, sales, technology, and consumer behavior.”

The Digital Growth Training Program’s six-month schedule runs:

January 30, 2018: Class 1.1 – Explore the state of financial digital marketing and the changing competitive landscape to help you gain executive buy-in and the budget you need for digital marketing.

February 13, 2018: Class 1.2 – Establish a digital purpose that empowers you to break free from the commoditized “great rates” and “amazing service” promoted by every other bank and credit union.

February 27, 2018: Class 1.3 – Define consumer personas that go beyond basic demographics to help you simplify and unify all of your marketing campaigns, content, and digital advertising channels.

Week of March 13, 2018: Class 1.4 – Take advantage of the latest research and insights from marketing neuroscience to simplify your product positioning and rise above commoditized product features.

March 27, 2018: Class 2.1 – Learn the skills, structure, and processes you need to help your marketing and sales teams work more closely together to build a Digital Growth Engine.

April 10, 2018: Class 2.2 – Ensure you have the key digital marketing technologies you need to improve attract, nurture, and convert leads for loans and new accounts.

April 24, 2018: Class 2.1 – Document digital customer journeys to create a visual map that helps you guide consumers beyond their questions and concerns and towards their hopes and dreams.

May 15, 2018: Class 2.4 – Emotionally connect with consumers to guide them beyond their questions and concerns as you lead them towards their hopes and dreams.

May 29, 2018: Class 3.2 – Learn how to plan and produce digital content that helps first and sells second as you guide leads through their digital customer journey.

June 12, 2018: Class 3.1 – Transform your glorified online brochure into a website that sells while ensuring you have the processes in place to continue to optimize this key asset over time.

June 26, 2018: Class 3.3 – Learn how to distribute and optimize your content through key digital distribution channels based on the five stages of the customer journey.

July 10: Class 3.4 – Break free from reporting vanity metrics and increase marketing’s value by connecting, measuring, and reporting activities to bottom-line growth.

About Digital Growth Institute

Based in Houston, TX, Digital Growth Institute (formerly CU Grow) believes digital growth doesn't have to feel frustrating and overwhelming. That’s why they’re on a mission to simplify digital marketing to help banks and credit unions grow from good to great. Since 2002, they have guided over 450 financial institutions worldwide to build digital marketing systems that target, capture, nurture, and convert leads for loans and new accounts. For more information, visit


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