Digital Growth Institute set to launch Digital Growth Training Program for FIs

Approximately 77% of banks and credit unions feel they lack digital marketing capability and capacity.

HOUSTON, TX (June 30, 2017) — Financial services digital marketing firm Digital Growth Institute (formerly CU Grow) will launch the first semester of its Digital Growth Training Program for financial institutions nationwide the week of July 10, 2017. DGI’s Digital Growth Training Program unfolds over six months, splitting into three 8-week semesters with virtual classroom and coaching sessions alternating each week.

According to Digital Growth Institute Founder and CEO James Robert Lay, 77% of banks and credit unions feel they lack digital marketing capability and capacity. The Digital Growth Training program will teach attendees a proven framework that shows them how to jump start their digital marketing while avoiding common pitfalls. Students commit an average of 2-3 hours a week to the program for six months, helping credit unions break free from the legacy marketing systems that keep them from maximizing their digital growth potential.

“Many community banks and credit unions today feel confused and overwhelmed about digital marketing and are looking for a proven framework to guide down the right path,” explains Lay. “They also struggle to get buy-in and budget for digital marketing because executives are held back by legacy systems and thinking. With this training program, we look to eliminate these pain points, again, to help financial institutions navigate today’s ever-changing digital marketing landscape.”

The Digital Growth Training Program’s schedule runs:

Week of July 10: Module 1.1

Explore the state of financial digital marketing and the changing competitive landscape to help you gain executive buy-in and the budget you need for digital marketing.

Week of July 24: Module 1.2

Establish a digital purpose that empowers you to break free from the commoditized “great rates” and “amazing service” promoted by every other bank and credit union.

Week of August 6: Module 1.3

Define consumer personas that go beyond basic demographics to help you simplify and unify all of your marketing campaigns, content, and digital advertising channels.

Week of August 20: Module 1.4

Take advantage of the latest research and insights from marketing neuroscience to simplify your product positioning and rise above commoditized product features.

“Financial institutions enrolling in this program will learn how to transform their current marketing efforts and avoid pitfalls with practical ‘how to’ insights,” says Lay. “They will break free from legacy thinking with personal training, coaching, and exercises that will allow them to make immediate progress. They will also have exclusive access to the Digital Growth Community to learn what’s working for others. Nothing better than peer feedback. It’s extremely comprehensive and proven and we look forward to seeing everybody’s results.”

About Digital Growth Institute

Based in Houston, TX, Digital Growth Institute (formerly CU Grow) believes digital growth doesn't have to feel frustrating and overwhelming. That’s why they’re on a mission to simplify digital marketing to help banks and credit unions grow from good to great. Since 2002, they have guided over 450 financial institutions worldwide to build digital marketing systems that target, capture, nurture, and convert leads for loans and new accounts. For more information, visit


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