Digital Growth Institute signs $2 billion Truliant FCU to launch digital journey

HOUSTON, TX (September 13, 2017) — Financial services digital marketing firm Digital Growth Institute (formerly CU Grow) has recently signed $2 billion Truliant Federal Credit Union to help lead them on their digital journey from legacy systems and thinking to more contemporary marketing efforts that attract a much-needed younger generation of members for continued growth well into the future.

 Engaging with Digital Growth Institute (DGI) in June (2017) and are in the middle of their Digital Growth Blueprint process, Truliant Federal Credit Union’s Chief Marketing Officer Karen DeSalvo seeks to gain a thorough understanding of all the technology tools, talent, and capacity needed to optimize the members digital purchase journey. DGI’s Digital Growth Blueprint gives Truliant the tools to be able to tailor its content and members’ online experience to meet those expectations.

 “We execute our mission of improving our members’ lives by providing guidance, and this program will provide us with additional knowledge and tools to provide the digital guidance needed to improve lives through this channel,” states DeSalvo. “Using what we learn from this program, we also feel that we can differentiate ourselves from our competition by giving members and new visitors an enhanced, personalized experience to properly match their financial needs.”

 DGI’s digital program will help further align Truliant’s marketing and member channel support teams to improve the members’ digital experience.  This alignment will help the credit union generate and convert more leads for loans and new deposit accounts, and will also help enhance its members’ experience throughout the process.

 “My team has gained an understanding of the importance of the consumer purchase journey and the importance of optimizing our content to create additional awareness, capture and nurture leads, close the application loop, and improve onboarding,” DeSalvo adds. “We see ecommerce as a significant growth opportunity for the Credit Union moving forward, and the expertise and training we’re receiving from DGI will help us tremendously as we execute on this initiative.”

 “We believe digital growth doesn’t have to feel frustrating or overwhelming,” explains Digital Growth Institute Founder and CEO James Robert Lay. “That’s why we’re on a mission to simplify digital marketing because we want to help banks and credit unions grow from good to great. And we do this by building digital marketing systems that guide people towards a brighter financial future.”

About Digital Growth Institute

Based in Houston, TX, Digital Growth Institute (formerly CU Grow) believes digital growth doesn't have to feel frustrating and overwhelming. That’s why they’re on a mission to simplify digital marketing to help banks and credit unions grow from good to great. Since 2002, they have guided over 450 financial institutions worldwide to build digital marketing systems that target, capture, nurture, and convert leads for loans and new accounts. For more information, visit


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