Does Your Credit Union Have a Truly Free Checking Account? NerdWallet Solicits Credit Union Feedback for Both Personal and Business Checking Accounts

San Francisco, CA – September 12, 2012 – NerdWallet aims to compile a comprehensive list of free checking accounts and free business checking accounts and seeks credit unions that offer free checking accounts to let us know so we can include them in our popular posts.

In two recent studies, NerdWallet found:

  • Big banks charge an average of $117 per year for basic personal checking, while credit unions are more likely to offer free checking
  • 39% of business checking accounts at credit unions are free, compared to only 13% at big banks

Due to our recent findings, NerdWallet is focused on expanding its lists of free checking accounts at credit unions; however, due to the local nature and restricted membership fields of credit unions, we are missing many outstanding credit unions that offer completely free checking.  As a result, NerdWallet is soliciting credit unions that would like to be new additions to the page.

Requests for inclusion should be directed to  NerdWallet is including only accounts that are truly free, with no minimum balance requirement or other waive requirements.  

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