DUCA Financial Services Credit Union utilizes Tele-Boardroom meeting

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 22, 2015) — DUCA Credit Union utilizes Tele-Boardroom’s® mass conferencing technology to provide its membership with time-sensitive information during a live meeting. “We keep our Members’ best interests at heart and we are purpose driven to deliver a distinct experience that defines what it means to be a member of a co-operative bank,” commented Assistant Vice President of Marketing at DUCA, Arthur Krzycki. The DUCA communications and marketing team researched various communication solutions, and found that few were able to maintain the interpersonal connection its members have come to expect. “We turned to Tele-Boardroom®, which provided us with the technology and support to contact well over 30,000 members quickly and efficiently”, said Krzycki.

Tele-Boardroom® is able to achieve this type of communication outreach since it is the corporate offering of Tele-Town Hall®, the leading provider of telephone town hall events. “For over a decade, our focus has been providing telephone town hall technology to address specific communications needs for clients ranging from elected officials, campaigns, to unions and schools. “Tele-Boardroom® is the next step in the technology’s progression to address that same need for the corporate and business markets looking to utilize a results oriented approach to their audiences,” commented Tele-Boardroom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Elizondo. Tele-Boardroom’s latest client DUCA agrees with this sentiment. “The meeting was a resounding success, went smoothly and the technology worked very well. It was simple to operate, while giving us the ability to fully leverage the opportunity to interact with our audience”, stated Krzycki.

About Tele-Boardroom

Tele-Boardroom® is a division of Tele-Town Hall, LLC®, the creator and the leading provider of telephone town hall events. Tele-Boardroom® meetings are a mass conferencing solution for business, corporate, banking and legal institutions. The patented technology allows users to connect LIVE with thousands – even millions of employees – in a single Tele-Boardroom® meeting through an interactive meeting conducted over the telephone at the touch of a button. Audience members are invited to participate in an open discussion forum, pose questions LIVE to the Speaker, and respond in real-time to survey questions without having to leave their office. For more information, visit


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