eDOC Expands Collaboration Resources

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Ashley Weekes, Admin Assistant – ext 269
Joseph Lao, Manager of Market Development – ext 404

eDOC Innovations has released an expanded LISTSERV for their users. Propelled by a request presented by eDOC users during their User Group Meeting on May 5th, 2010, this list enables eDOC users to have instant contact with their peers.  Email permits users to pose questions, offer suggestions and feedback and give valuable insight to their peers efficiently and rapidly- even from smart phones.

Among eDOC’s active users is Cutter Phillips, VP of Marketing/IT at River Valley Credit Union in Ada, Michigan.  “Collaboration equals value and growth. The more we share with our peers, the more value we create for vendors and our own business.  It also creates professional growth as individuals and provides a wealth of information for future users to grow their businesses. The network and eDOC use collaboration to improve processes, create improvements based on efficiency, and to present a single CU with the resources of over 100 credit unions,” commented Phillips.

eDOC expressed its vision of providing innovative and collaborative opportunities to credit union peers.  According to the CUSO, creating a LISTSERV is one of many ways they have integrated requests from peers into their solutions and services.  “eDOC is about credit unions – credit unions are our owners, peers and innovative participants in the development of our e-Document solutions.  The more our peers collaborate with eDOC and each other the more value we can, as a network, present to the financial industry as a whole,” commented Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations.

About eDOC Innovations, Inc.

Since 1992, eDOC Innovations, Inc. has delivered a comprehensive suite of e-Document strategy solutions, including eSignature automation, workflow and capture, advanced document imaging, check21 and remote deposit check processing and a complete eCommerce consumer document portal for credit unions across the country. With industry acclaimed DocLogic™ and idocVAULT™, eDOC Innovations is a leading Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) that provides ‘go green’ solutions and services to more than 400 credit unions nationwide. For more information about “Technology that pays for itself… again and again”™, please visit eDOC Innovations’ corporate website at:”

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