Educational CU, Topeka, Kansas Touches the Global Community

Frank Hackney
Conference Group, LLC

Washington, DC, Dec. 6, 2010 – Educational Credit Union, Topeka, KS took the mantra of people-helping-people to a new and highly meaningful level during their December 4th staff holiday event.  Following dinner, staff and their guests participated in a team exercise to assemble fifteen fully functional prosthetic hands for global land mine victims.

The prosthetic hands built by Educational CU will be distributed around the world through the CU Philanthropy Group and Rotary International to children, women and men who are victims of land mine accidents. Greg Winkler, CEO of Educational CU discovered Helping Hands by chance while reading a news article a few days before Thanksgiving, noting “We pulled the addition of the Helping Hands event together in just seven days, which is remarkable.” He added, “The addition of this event speaks to our values and commitment to bettering the lives of the people we work with everyday here in Kansas. This exercise extended our reach globally and gave us a great opportunity to experience a deep sense of gratitude for all that we have.” Frank Hackney, of the CU Philanthropy Group noted, “There is something about completing this event during the holiday season that adds to the experience of participants. They begin the exercise not knowing the people they are about to touch, and walk out having been a part of something they have never experienced before in their lifetime – it’s very special.”

About The CU Philanthropy Group:  A division of the Conference Group, LLC, The CU Philanthropy Group delivers customized, on-site philanthropic events to CU leadership teams, volunteers and credit union staff across the nation. The goal of The Philanthropy Group is to make philanthropic programs affordable to all credit unions that desire to offer such an event. 

Note: Helping Hands and LifeCycles™ programs are delivered in partnership with Odyssey Teams, Inc.


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