Elan teams with PrimeWay Federal Credit Union to provide members the latest credit card products and services

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (December 21, 2016) — Elan Financial Services, a leading credit card services provider, has entered into an agreement with PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, a credit union serving the greater Houston area, to provide its members with a suite of innovative credit card products and services.

“Elan helps us provide top-of-the-line credit card products and enables us to maintain service excellence – all while saving money”

The new strategic alliance will allow PrimeWay to draw on Elan’s extensive credit card expertise and large support structure to provide the latest in card services, including product development, regulatory compliance and customer service.

“Elan helps us provide top-of-the-line credit card products and enables us to maintain service excellence – all while saving money,” said Annette Zimmerman, CEO of PrimeWay. “With the new alliance, PrimeWay now has the ability to reallocate some of our internal resources to keep improving other areas of service for our membership.”

As payment technologies evolve and a stronger economy helps members feel more at ease with using credit cards, it is important for credit unions to offer a variety of card products and rewards programs.

Elan’s comprehensive suite of credit card products helps credit unions develop new and deepen existing member relationships. In addition to the rewards program that offers competitive cash back percentages and other incentives, Elan now offers members the ability to make secure mobile payments that are compatible with most mobile wallets.

Matthew Carpenter, market director for Elan credit cards, said, “The card payments field remains challenging given the introduction of emerging technologies, the constant need for security enhancements and an evolving regulatory environment. We are excited to help PrimeWay navigate these challenges.”

About Elan

Elan partners with credit unions through our outsourced credit card program, mortgage solutions, and all-in-one merchant processing platform, talech®. Our dedication to our partners, growth philosophy, and investment in technology has made us a leader in the industry since 1968. Our approach offers expertise while removing costs, reducing risks, and improving the cardmember experience. Learn more about our innovative solutions for consumer and business accounts of all sizes.

About PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

Since 1937, PrimeWay has been serving the greater Houston area, including Harris, Fort Bend and Washington counties. With a value statement representing compassion, accountability, real value, integrity, new ideas and guidance, PrimeWay leads the way in member service and putting families first.


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