Enhanced Dashboard Features Result from CEO Event

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Grand Rapids, MI – February 4th, 2011
With the most recent release of system enhancements, CU*Answers has unveiled several improvements to the Dashboard tools embedded in the CU*BASE core data processing system.  According to CU*Answers, these improvements were developed from direct input of CEO’s that attended the most recent CEO Strategies Focus Group during which time credit union leaders explored ways CU*BASE data could be manipulated and presented in manners that would be useful to their operations.

According to the 100% credit union-owned CUSO, the Collections Dashboard was a major focus for its clients.  The Collections Summary option now shows two new tabs: “Total Reportable” delinquency (which includes the loans that are less than two months delinquent) and “Total All” delinquency (including all delinquent accounts) – with both the number and balances on the accounts listed in each tabbed selection.  The Collections Inquiry, which shows totals of accounts with a negative balance, now breaks down negative balance accounts to show those which fall within the ANR limit or those that are below the ANR limit. 

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