EverSafe and NJCUL Services Corporation partner to protect credit union members against fraud and identity theft

HIGHTSTOWN, NJ (January 4, 2018) — Nearly one in five older Americans are victimized in financial scams each year. EverSafe, a technology service that provides enhanced fraud and identity theft monitoring to protect families against financial abuse, and NJCUL Services Corporationannounced a partnership that will protect the finances, credit, and identity of credit union members in New Jersey.

“Credit unions play a critical role in protecting their members as they face a growing number of financial threats and issues related to aging that can ultimately compromise their life savings,” said Howard Tischler, founder and CEO of EverSafe. “We’re proud to partner with the NJCUL Services Corporation to offer enhanced financial monitoring that helps credit unions do more to safeguard members and their families against fraud, identity theft, and financial abuse.”

The partnership gives New Jersey credit union members access to enhanced financial protection, including personalized financial and identity theft monitoring, scans of the Dark Web, alerts that can be directed to trusted advocates, a consolidated family dashboard, specialized protection for senior members, and fraud resolution/identity restoration.

“Our credit unions have always been passionate about protecting their members’ financial health. This means addressing the growing number of scams and breaches, and the havoc they can wreak,” said David Frankil, chairman of NJCUL Services Corporation. “In the past, it has been reliant as much on an alert teller or loan officer as on analytics. But as fraudsters evolve their tactics, so must we evolve ours. Our partnership with EverSafe provides our credit unions’ members with an ‘extra set of eyes’ that will monitor their transactions across their accounts, credit cards and credit reports, stopping fraud before a crisis even occurs.”

EverSafe monitors suspicious activity, including missing regular deposits, excessive withdrawals, unusual charges, changes in spending patterns, identity theft, and more. The innovative technology solution is based on a member’s personal financial profile, which is continuously updated, based on historical transaction data and individual patterns. The platform also offers a unique opportunity to have trusted family members or professionals receive alerts and serve as an “extra set of eyes” in monitoring. Suspicious activity recognized by EverSafe immediately triggers a resolution process that will offer a credit union’s members more protection and less exposure to additional risk and loss.

By monitoring suspicious activity and reducing the stress of financial caregiving, NJCUL Services Corporation and EverSafe hope to implement an innovative strategy that will make it easier for New Jersey credit union members to keep an even closer watch on their finances and identity.

About NJCUL Services Corporation

The New Jersey Credit Union League Services Corporation (NJCUL Services Corporation) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New Jersey Credit Union League. NJCUL Services Corporation’s mission is to aggregate the distribution of value-added products and services that enable its members to improve operational efficiency and better serve their members. It identifies the premier products and services that empower our member credit unions to grow and thrive.

About EverSafe

EverSafe is a technology service that protects families against elder financial abuse and identity theft – a silent epidemic in which billions are lost annually. Using proprietary algorithms designed by experts in aging, fraud, identity theft, financial services, and law enforcement, EverSafe analyzes financial accounts, credit cards and credit report data for suspicious activity. EverSafe supports the designation of trusted advocates to serve as an “extra set of eyes” in monitoring, and provides personalized referrals and expert remediation assistance to members. Learn more at and @EverSafeSeniors.


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